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Chapter 7

  • Frustration seemed to be the only word in Chris’ vocabulary that weekend. Sunday had come and gone, and he seemed to have hit all the possible dead ends regarding the damn woman. By Monday, he was beginning to think he would never see her again. It. The ring.
  • Work was hell. All his associates who didn’t come to the party were passing by his office to congratulate him on the promotion, preventing him from getting any real work done.
  • To make things worse, he could feel the suppressed hostile glares from a few employees. They clearly resented being overlooked for the promotion due to what they saw as nepotism. It wasn’t.
  • It would have killed his mood on a different occasion, but he had too much on his mind already to allow some frustrated old men to get under his skin. He knew his worth within the enterprise but really wanted to create a better environment than the one his father imposed. The harsh dog-eat-dog company culture was probably what he hated the most there.
  • Unable to get anything done that faithful Monday, he opted instead to pursue the matter that truly occupied his mind. He called the agency a few more times, but they were useless. Asking Michelle for the girl’s name was also a fruitless job. How come she hired someone she didn’t even know the name?
  • His only other option was to go back to his childhood home and try to find the maid who cleaned the room. Maybe she still had the stuff and the thief’s phone could be a major source of information. He chose to leave work early, earning a few more dirty looks from the employees.
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