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Chapter 56

  • Chris unwillingly left her in bed to get the condom from his bag. He was not thinking about it earlier, but after almost shooting deep inside her in the shower, his memory was jogged up. He reached for the package, but his hand found the small box he had placed back there earlier, and he smiled. Maybe… later.
  • He watched her laying in bed, wet and open for him. She was a fucking goddess, and he couldn’t understand how he could be so lucky.
  • “I’ll have to finish without you if you just stand there. I don’t mind the audience.” She motioned to touch herself, and he immediately crawled over the bed to tower her.
  • “Don’t you dare,” he threatened, and pinned her hands above her head. With his spare hand, he rolled the condom down, and slid into her. Fuck, she was so impeccably tight around him.
  • He knew she would find a way out of his grip again, but if it was anything like that fucking split she did in the shower, he would more than welcome it. She always found a way to elude his plans, but now he couldn’t comprehend how he could ever find it annoying. It was perfect.
  • “Aren’t you tired of pinning me down? I think your hands would be just as comfortable choking me instead.” Holy shit, he was ruined.
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