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Chapter 55

  • Kiara was still feeling the thrill of a responsive crowd when she kissed him, but she did not regret it one bit. It was past time she gave into him – again. She didn’t have it in herself to fight it any longer, and as soon as she made up her mind, it was as if a switch had flipped. Now she fucking needed him.
  • Chris was not one to lose time, so as soon as she asked for it, his lips were already pressed on hers and her body was crashing against the bathroom wall.
  • Her hands explored his perfectly cut hair, and she hoped she’d mess it beyond return. He deserved a little chaos, and she’d give it to him. She began to reach for her bodysuit’s zipper, but he was faster at finding the opening on her back. A few seconds later, a loud tearing sound made its way to her ear.
  • “Did you rip my costume?” She broke the kiss to ask.
  • “I’ll buy you another one,” he replied, kissing her now bare shoulder.
  • “Asshole!”
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