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Chapter 51

  • Two months had come and gone, and Chris knew he was on the right track. He didn’t fail his promise to see her every Saturday, no matter how poorly it fit the rest of his commitments. The weekend after Christmas was particularly hard because he had to leave in the middle of the company’s Christmas party. It was worth it; he earned an eye-roll coated with an adorable attempt not to smile when he explained his delay.
  • Every Saturday was the same, he’d get to her building, buzz her down, and they’d walk around the block talking and pampering Batman. He’d talk about work, and the restructuring of the company. She’d shoot sarcastic remarks about the impending downfall of construction oligarchies. And every single time he wanted to kiss her smug tight-lipped smile away.
  • On one particularly rainy Friday in the middle of February, Chris got a message from Kiara saying she had an all-day event that Saturday, so they couldn’t meet. The way his humor plummeted at the thought made him realize just how much he needed this to work out.
  • His week had been exceptionally rewarding in the business instance, but that text left a sour taste in his mouth that made him want to leave the office. He was pondering over an early leave when his secretary told him his father was there to see him.
  • “Send him in,” he said, schooling his expression to avoid wearing his bitter humor on his face.
  • Edgar was having a hard time getting used to no longer being in charge, but Chris knew better than to force him to stay away for good. He was trying to save the company, not drive his father into crippling depression. The business was visibly the old man’s most prized possession, which made him a terrible father and a dick of a husband. But still, ripping it away from the man was not the human thing to do.
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