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Chapter 47

  • The run was a punch to Chris’ stomach. How could he have overlooked the fact that Kiara was actually an athlete? To put it in simple terms, he was quashed. He thought his running and gym habits were enough to put him in the apex of physical capacity, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • He had thought about Kiara as an artist most of the time, so it was shocking to see the stamina the girl had. He should have known better, having seen and touched her tight body as he had. He was definitely out of his league.
  • Batman was able to keep up with most of it, but the bastard had two extra legs to help him out. And he was absolutely certain the dog was putting an effort to impress her.
  • “I don’t have a change of clothes,” Kiara mentioned once they got back to his apartment. They were both sweating from the run, and a shower sounded like heaven.
  • “I can lend you a shirt”
  • “So I can look like a girl from a sexy perfume commercial?” She asked, purposefully biting her bottom lip, and giving him sexy eyes. She might be joking, but it didn’t keep the view from being hot as hell.
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