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Chapter 35

  • As the day went by, Kiara got apprehensive about dinner with Chris’ parents. She knew things would get complicated now that their relationship was not purely contractual. She had no problem fitting into the whole of compliant girlfriend to help him out before, but now that she knew him better, it felt… wrong.
  • His goal got pretty clear to her once she understood the family dynamics. Get him some brownie points with his parents by showing them he was ready to commit. But she couldn’t understand why he’d go to such lengths to prove himself to them.
  • She wanted to ask him, but they were not actually friends, were they? So she didn’t. When they went back to the room to get ready for dinner, she could feel his stress level rising to the roof. He wasn’t even touching her as he did throughout the day.
  • “Are you alright?”
  • “Sure, why wouldn’t I be?” He demanded a bit too fast for her to believe.
  • She shrugged, unable to think of something else to drag the truth out of him.
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