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Chapter 29

  • Chris knew his friends were holding back a laugh about his current situation. Right after she left, he explained everything to the two unsupportive asses in front of him. From the ring theft to the kiss the night before. He didn’t plan to spill the whole thing, but Luke was sort of a master in reading people and knew he was trying to bullshit his way out right from the beginning.
  • “Just say it already, I’m an idiot” He was feeling the judgmental stares and knew they would criticize his decision to bring her to his home.
  • “You are, but not for the reason you think”
  • “Oh yeah? Then why?”
  • “You can’t expect to put yourself through four days of forced cohabitation with a woman like that and come out unharmed” Who uses ‘forced cohabitation to describe a holiday trip? Well, Luke.
  • “I don’t think she’ll steal anything from the island; it was very specific…”
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