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Chapter 27

  • Before the show, Chris positioned himself on the virtual front row of the stage, with his friends plastered on his side waiting for answers.
  • “Chris, what are you doing?”
  • “You’ll see” He looked at his watch to confirm the time. Two to midnight, any moment now.
  • The lights shifted towards the object in the middle of the winter garden and his breath was caught up on his throat. He smiled at the memory of her explanation on the round metal thing he couldn’t remember the name. He was never that into circus, but ever since she mentioned that particular instrument, he got curious to see her perform on it.
  • Despite his lack of knowledge on that specific field, Chris always had an interest in the moving arts. He’d choose dance and theater over painting and sculpture whenever given the opportunity. His mother was to blame, always taking him to appreciate the fine art of performance whenever his father was out of town.
  • He noticed Kiara moving to hold the lower part of the ring with one hand and heard people gasping when the structure began to move up, taking her with it. It would take more than that to surprise him, considering what he’d seen of her before.
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