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Chapter 18

  • Kiara was not one to panic, so she didn’t. Instead, she appointed Batman as her therapy dog during the flight. She was not completely new to flying, but private jets were way out of her league and it was throwing her off a bit. There was some comfort in knowing you will die with a bunch of other people on a commercial flight if something goes wrong. Flying private didn’t give her that.
  • Chris told her it would be just the two of them because his parents decided to fly earlier. He didn’t get into the details, but she understood it had something to do with flying with the dog. Go figure. Either way, the flight was only three hours long and she could handle herself.
  • Batman had a proper cage for safety reasons, where he could stay during takeoff, landing, and turbulence. But, as Chris mentioned, he preferred to stay at his owner’s feet most of the time. Kiara really wanted the calming effect of the giant furball, so she began to ‘pss pss’ him as soon as Chris closed his eyes.
  • “What are you doing?” His eyes were still closed, but there was an amused smile on his lips.
  • “Nothing”
  • “Right. So you are not trying to call my dog?”
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