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Chapter 16

  • That woman was sent straight from hell to make his life miserable. She was progressively becoming his least favorite person to be around, earning several points at that race by causing him a hard-on in the middle of his favorite restaurant.
  • This time, unfortunately, he couldn’t say it was entirely her fault. He asked her to dress nice, and she kind of did with that blue dress and heels, and then said he’d fuck her. It was not the first time he’d been so blunt, but it usually caused the woman to blush and change the subject.
  • Not that incarnated devil. Oh no, she had to look him right in the eye and make the promise they never make. Just sex, no dating. To make things incredibly worse, it was all in the world of ideal forms, nowhere close to reality. In short, she dressed up, made the golden promise, and placed it just outside his reach. No man in the world could survive that triple kill.
  • “Are you ready to order?”
  • The waitress pulled him out of the daze and only then he noticed the victory look on Kiara’s face. Fucking hell she wouldn’t let a single thing pass. That was precisely why he wouldn’t even fuck her. The woman had one of the worst personalities he has ever had to deal with, always shooting sappy remarks to annoy him or throwing blades at his social status.
  • “I’ll have the steak and she’ll have the fish.” He answered, closing the menu.
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