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Chapter 15

  • Kiara sat at her small kitchen table literally bumping her head into the wood. Several times. Why the hell did she agree to spend four days in a fucking island with loaded snobs she knew nothing about? Of course, she didn’t know exactly what she signed up for before she accepted his offer, but she knew it came from the guy who sent her to fucking jail and said yes anyway.
  • And based on what? A hunch. Something so intangible and arbitrary she would be unable to explain even to her dad, who used to be a firm believer in following your gut. But she saw it, right there hiding behind his handsome stoic façade. He was… desperate.
  • After she said yes at the pastry shop, he was quiet for at least a full minute. She could tell how hard he was trying to keep his cool, but the new sparkle in his eyes proved her right. He was dying for her to accept his offer, and it was not just to win over her.
  • Either way, her acceptance didn’t seem to change the dynamic of their unspoken battle. Kiara was determined to make him lose it and he was definitely trying to drive her crazy. The only change was that now they would do it under the same roof for a couple of days.
  • His explanation of the tasks she was supposed to perform during that period was vague and she barely understood where they would be going, but she knew her usually peaceful thanksgiving was bound to have something she got progressively unaccustomed to: people.
  • They agreed to meet a couple of times before the trip that was bound to happen in three weeks, to sort out some details about their story. Apparently, the show was mostly for his parents but there would be friends and business partners coming and going throughout the extended weekend.
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