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Chapter 3

  • “now where's the old woman, hmmm. oh there she his!” Claire said and rushed to the old woman sitting on a chair busy with her phone.
  • “Hi old woman Mr.. ” Claire was saying when the woman suddenly interrupted her, “you're calling me an old woman, your mama is a old ass bitch!! ” The woman yelled at her.u
  • “my mum is actually gone.. ” Claire said with a sober face, “Your mum's gone, where'd she go. Paris, LA or new York?” The woman asked. “no she's dead ” Claire said. “oh she's dead, sorry about that kid but don't call me an old woman again, am Miss Kate! ” She said.
  • “Miss Kate?,you didn't get married when you were younger? ” Claire asked, “i was until my husband left home one day and never returned!" Miss Kate said and chuckled.
  • “how did you feel raising a kid alone” Claire asked. “Enough with the question now kid, go pick your wear in the store” Miss Kate said and pointed at a door entrance.
  • Claire slowly went to the door and opened it, she went in a saw lot a wardrobe, she opened it and saw uniforms hanged to the wardrobes, Claire touched the clothes carefully and selected one.
  • She tried it on and checked herself in the mirror, It was too big. she changed into another one and checked herself again, this time it was too small, Claire kept on changing the clothes trying to find a perfect fit.
  • She finally did find one after about an hour of trying, she looked around at the clothes she dumped on the floor, she quickly started pushing them and piling them up into the wardrobe. it won't fit in cause she the clothes were not properly arranged or hanged.
  • Claire stopped when she heard a knock on the door, “Hey kid get your ass out here, we have customers! ” A voice yelled, it was miss Kate. Claire quickly pushed the rest of the clothes into a corner and rushed to the door.
  • “damn, it looks good on you darling” Miss Kate exclaimed as she saw Claire walk out majestically out of the room, Claire smiled and shut the door.
  • miss Kate escorted Claire to the kitchen and showed her everything she needed to do, Claire swung into action immediately.
  • She carried plates and served the customer carefully, customers occupied the room, some where already served while others weren't. Claire was walking to and fro holding plates.
  • She stopped to rest a bit, she sat down next to miss Kate, “Is this what you do here everyday” Claire asked gesturing at her phone.
  • “Kid mind your business, i have my job and you have yours!” Miss Kate yelled. Claire stood up to go drop the plate in the kitchen, she suddenly paused when she saw a group of men walking towards their restaurant.
  • They were dressed in suits, four men walked in and took an empty table, Claire stared at them as they talked. The lads looked very handsome and Claire couldn't take her eyes off them.
  • Miss Kate suddenly spanked her from behind, Claire quickly rushed to the kitchen and dropped the used plates. She walked to the gentlemen with her heart beating fast, she gently asked for their orders.
  • “Hey beautiful, I'll have some chicken wings, guys what do you want ” one of the lads said. They all took their orders except the last one, he seemed exceptionally quite. He just stared at his phone with his very cute face ignoring all that was said.
  • His friends ordered his own food for him, Claire went to the kitchen and arranged the orders in a plate, he carried it back to them and serves them.They all ate except the silent one, “Hey Jake eat something, We'll be leaving soon” One of the man said to him.
  • He ignored, His friends continued eating their food. “His name is Jake!” Claire said to herself as she walked back to the kitchen, she dropped the plates she was holding and rushed out back, she sat next to miss Kate and watches as the men ate.
  • Miss Kate looked at Claire and noticed she was gazing weirdly at the men, “ stop staring at customers too much, it's weird ” Miss Kate said.
  • “The guy with the phone, why isn't he eating” Claire asked. “Maybe he's not hungry! ” Miss Kate exclaimed. “He's the CEO of Jake's limited, He is not used to eating in public..I think ” Miss Kate said.
  • “i knew have heard the name somewhere, you don't see a millionaire walk into a restaurant everyday " Claire said, “billionaire” Miss Kate corrected.
  • “Damn, he's cute and super rich. His girlfriend is a lucky girl! ” Claire said, “About that..” Miss Kate was saying when one of the dude suddenly called for the waiter.
  • Claire quickly rushed to them, They told her they have finished eating and paid her with a large tip, “its so good to have you here Mr Jake ” Claire said and smiled.
  • He looked at her with a stern face and didn't say a single word, He walked out if the restaurant and to his car,“His happy to be here too” The man who paid her said.
  • The other men walked out of the restaurant and walked to their exotic vehicles, Claire stared at them till they drove, she sighed and cleaned the table.
  • “He acted weird when I tried to exchange pleasantries with him” Claire said to miss Kate, “next time don't try to!” Miss Kate said and laughed.
  • Claire continued with her work till it was time to go home, she finished changing her dress and boarded a cab home, she stood on the door step and sighed heavily, she remembers she sneaked out today and her dad was gonna scold her for that. she opened the door and walked in, Her Dad was sitting on a couch watching TV.
  • “Dad, am sorry about what happened earlier ” Claire said. “go apologize to your sister, she's in her room ” He said.
  • Jane nodded and walked away, she went to her room and locked the door. she showered and changed her clothes. she picked her phone and dialed Natasha's line, she told her everything that had happened today.
  • She dropped her phone and laid in her bed, she thought of the silent dude. “why was he silent or Is he deaf and couldn't head what I said” Claire thought to herself.
  • She sighed and rested her head on the pillow, she was about to doze off when she realised she has not had dinner yet.
  • She stood up and rushed out of her room.