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Chapter 7: Leaving the Warrior's Mate

  • Storm had commanded that I should have dinner before I walked out again from his pack. Supposedly, I didn't refuse him and obliged even though Claude is there. I accepted Storm's offer because I knew it would be too long before I'd be back again in his pack. And besides, I want to bid goodbye to everyone that became a part of me.
  • "There! You are now a goddess in your new form, Rachelle!" Casey said as she clapped her hands, glaring at me in the mirror.
  • I smiled widely as I couldn't take my eyes off my reflection. She tied my hair into a messy bun. She ordered me to wear one of the dresses that didn't fit her off. I found it hard to believe. She has a nice, curve-shaped body that fits the off-shoulder blue dress that is under the knee I was wearing. I forgot to say that it is a formal dinner made by my brother. I wore this dress for the sake of Casey. She hasn't seen me dress like the way I was now. I did her a favor. I found her amusing because she was giggling like a kid seeing me how successful insist on wearing this and wore a pair of 6-inch stiletto heels.
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