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Chapter 5: Their Thoughts

  • I couldn't move nor stir in my position. My eyes were still widening in shock as I felt Claude's face in my neck and his lips were pressing in my weak spot. Then his lips started to move. He was licking it. I automatically closed my eyes in submission.
  • "You really smelled so good just what I have thought, mate."
  • I instantly opened my eyes as he whispered. I clenched both of my fists at how annoyed I was because of what he said to me. I nudged him using my elbow and hit his stomach and with that, he released my hands at my back. I glared at him angrily. "You pervert!" I snarled. I'm starting to hate my mate. My unexpected mate! He's so perverted in a different kind of way! I hate him! I hate him!
  • I gnashed my teeth when Claude flashed his signature smirk. "It's very normal for mates to be so intimate. What I did is very normal, am I right?" I'm starting to hate the way he sounds. He sounds so calm and not affected by my doings.
  • "Normal?! Do you think it's normal?!" I said, half annoyed, half angry. This Claude guy gets on my nerves already. I came closer to him. "For me, it's not normal. You're taking advantage of me, PERVERT!"
  • "You're amusing." He chuckled.
  • I glared at him in disbelief. "You're unbelievable!" I couldn't believe that this guy was my mate. Why do I have to feel shivers in my spine every time my eyes landed on his wonderful, luscious lips? I'm thinking nonsensical kinds of stuff!
  • "Thanks." He shrugged.
  • I creased my forehead. Does he think I'm complimenting him? "You're so stupid and annoying." I voiced out my thoughts about him. I don't like him to be my mate. I was expecting to meet him in some other places. But meeting him in my pack was so surprising and that makes my blood boil.
  • He flashed a sweet smile and I simply gritted my teeth. "I'm glad my mate is complimenting me even though we both know that is an insult."
  • I snorted and crossed my arms. "I am not glad to see you at this unexpected moment, mate. I'm not ready to be with you," I said seriously.
  • "I know. But don't you think destiny lets us meet in this unexpected moment you are telling? Though I'm quite too shocked that I will meet you in my brother-in-law's pack, and luckily, you're his sister. And..."
  • I sighed and looked away. "I wasn't." I butted in. I wasn't his real sister.
  • "I beg your pardon."
  • I glanced at him and cocked my eyebrow. "Nothing. Nevermind. Can you please leave now? I really hate seeing you here and please stay away from me." I couldn't help but roll my eyes. I felt sudden chills crawling in me. This was so foreign to me. I kind of hate this and love this at the same time.
  • I cut off my wolf when she kept on murmuring at me that I should kiss him wildly and make love to him. Hell! My wolf is getting horny. I could feel my mate's wolf getting horny too at the sudden thoughts.
  • "You know that you won't. You don't hate me in your first impression of me, am I right, mate?"
  • I closed my eyes in submission when I felt his lips brushing in my ear after he whispered. I know that he used his wolf speed so that he could whisper in my ear. His hands started to make their way on my waist and possessively he wrapped his hands around me from behind. Then he sniffed me.
  • "You really smelled like lavender with a mixture of vanilla." I shuddered as he whispered. His voice was very dark. I couldn't help but feel the heat building inside of me. "I know you feel the bond between the two of us. You feel something. I can wake you up by just my mere touch in your arm." As he said, he touched and caressed my arm.
  • I grasped an air, still closing my eyes. A jolt of electricity flowed in my skin as he touched my arm. I felt myself being electrified by just the simple touch of his. It brought my wolf howled in a horny manner. I felt my own being wet. How did he do this? Was this another description of you being with your mate? You will feel something very foreign?
  • His lips touched my shoulder blade. I flinched. I sided my head to let Claude access carefully my neck as his lips made their way to it. "I love your lovely neck, mate. Your smell is so very addictive and alluring and I can't stop myself smelling you. You know what? I want to mark you as mine right now." Claude's husky voice was waking up all my sensitive senses but I was snapped out from it when he said that he wants to mark me as his.
  • I turned around and backed away. I felt a sudden disappointment when I stayed away from my mate who already woke up my cells when he touched me. I clenched my fists to stop myself from being so delusional. I could not accept him right away even though my wolf needs him.
  • I caught Claude's eyes darkened as I stepped backward, staying away from him. I summoned my hand to stop him when I predicted he would come near me. "No. Not now, Claude. I can't accept you. Not now. I'm not ready."
  • "So, are you going to reject me? That's it?" He sounded hurt and in pain but his expression remained calm and serious.
  • I crossed my arms and cocked my eyebrow. "I didn't say I'm going to reject you, did I?" Well, I guess, I wanted to do it but I'm sure Big Brother Storm will be mad at me once he knows I reject my mate. I'm sure that he will wring my neck. Goodness!
  • "Then what?" he asked impatiently.
  • I rolled my eyes. "Don't use your Alpha tone on me, Claude. I may not know you very well as an Alpha of your pack but I know who uses their tone the way they order their pack members," I said seriously. Truth is, I wasn't used to the tone of an Alpha. I hate when someone orders me like I was their slave.
  • Even though Storm usually orders me if there's anything he wants, whenever I am alone, there's a contrary within me. But I knew there's nothing I could do but follow his orders. He's still my Alpha, for moon goddess' sake.
  • After a moment of silence, he smiled smugly. "You're so feisty, aren't you?"
  • I ignored it when I smelled his attractive scent and acted as if it was nothing to me. I opened my mouth to say something but I stopped when Storm mind-linked me. 'A call from the palace.' He said through mind-link. I couldn't help but gasp at his news.
  • "Why? What happened?"
  • I glared at Claude when he was seriously looking at me worriedly. I felt my inside fluttered and my wolf howled. I ignored her. I shook my head to Claude. "Nothing. I was just being called by Alpha Storm. I have to leave because his news is very crucial for me," I said then I left him, frozen in his position.
  • I couldn't help but sigh. Now, I was far away from him. Maybe I could calm my heart now. I realized it keeps on beating. I sighed again. Stupid, Rachelle! Very stupid!
  • I couldn't help the excitement when Storm told me that there was a call from the palace. I was hoping for good news.