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Chapter 2: Unexpected Visitor

  • I cocked my head from side to side and stretched my arms. I yawned as I watched men start to train. I prepared myself to start my training too. Today, I was planning to shift in my wolf form and run through the forest. I want to test my strong legs and fix how my eyes are keen. It has been three days since I last saw Casey and Alpha Storm’s news about Casey’s big brother going in here. I had been paying my attention and expected if there would be anything looking suspicious about the upcoming of Casey’s brother. Storm said that he was an Alpha too and he hasn’t told me the right description about him and what his features or his look like. I didn’t assume anymore if Casey wanted to battle with me or not. Maybe, Alpha Storm warned her not to go here to the training gym.
  • I stepped to my feet and walked towards the forest. I mind-linked Alpha Storm that I’ll go for a run in the forest and wanted to be alone. As I shifted, I wiggled my fur and enjoyed the air penetrating in my fur. Then I started to run through the forest.
  • I can’t help the happiness I am feeling right now. Running into a wolf form makes me feel that I am free and alive. I felt I was in a free place that only I could recognize. My four paws are digging into the ground to make me run faster and faster. My wolf and I are very happy that we’re doing this. It’s a carefree feeling.
  • I don’t feel the tiredness and it’s alright to feel it that way. This is the way I could train my wolf by just running into the forest across the pack borderline. It’s neither risky nor dangerous for me to go outside the pack line. I’m very sure Alpha Storm sensed it and he will be mad at me again that I am doing this. He hates that I was crossing the pack borderline where that’s the limit of his territory. But I don’t care about it.
  • I evaded the trees that passed by me. I almost grinned at myself how good I am at doing this. I also looked at my surroundings, cherishing every moment I was running in the forest. Everything was a blur each time I was running. I dug my nails in the ground to stop myself from running when I noticed I’m too far away from the borderline and needed to go back again.
  • I haven’t felt breathless but I need to rest. So, instead of hurrying up to go back by just running again, I chose to walk towards the path of the border crossline. As my paw stepped in the borderline, my smell senses automatically smelled something. I sniffed the air and it smells like rain and mint. I growled slowly because I admitted that it smells so good.
  • I never smell something strong like that scent ever. I could tell it is a scent of after rain and mint. I sniffed again and it was so addictive. I started to walk and find where that scent came from. I keep on walking. My legs never felt tired so I came on pacing and smelled the scent coming from somewhere. When I continued walking, I noticed that the scent became instantly smelling well. I noticed too that I was walking towards the brook as some of my packs were sometimes bathed from there.
  • As I sniffed again, I realized I was too close to the scent of after rain and mint. Why does it smell so alluring and addicting? Promise, I never smelled like that before. As I was continuing the path towards the brook, the scent became so stronger and I kept on sniffing it. I didn’t realize that I was now in the brook. If I hadn't been treated in the cool water of the brook, I wouldn’t realize that I was here.
  • I looked at my wolf form in the crystal clear water. I sided my face and then I came closer from the water to stare at my midnight blue eyes. I love staring at my eyes because of its eye color my wolf and I had. Next, I scanned my fur in the reflection of the water. I smiled mentally. My fur was truthfully colored white but at the end of the strands of my fur has a different color. It was an auburn. Sometimes, I noticed my fur glowed in the dark and it became red and sometimes emitted a speck of golden dust whenever I walked.
  • I am weird. But that’s how I described and saw my wolf.
  • My wolf is a big, massive, strong wolf. She wasn’t an ordinary wolf you could only imagine in your life. I was thinking I am the same size as all the Alpha wolves had. Alpha Storm knew about my wolf form. But I told him to find any ideas why I am so different from other wolves who usually had gray color. All Alphas had a black color in their fur whenever they usually transformed in their wolf form.
  • My ear heard some snapped off a twig so it means there’s an intruder. I started to growl slowly and turned around slowly to see who was behind me. I narrowed my eyes when I saw a wolf larger than mine. I sniffed the air to notice if he was mine at my pack or not. As I sniffed the air, my wolf and I frozen that the scent that came from that wolf is the scent I’ve been looking for. It was the scent of rain and mint. I instantly glared at the wolf who was looking at me.
  • I sniffed the air again. He wasn’t in my pack. I knew it. I growled at him even though I can’t stop sniffing the scent that came from that wolf. I examined the wolf. He had red eye color that was intensely looking at me. My brows creased when I scrutinized the wolf. Like I’ve said, he was bigger and massive than me. He was a male. I’m sure of it. His fur was pure white but at the end of the strands of it was very different from the color of it. The end strands of the wolf’s fur were striking blue and I found it so beautifully to stare at it.
  • I heard a low growl coming from that wolf-like it was saying that I should pay attention to him. Then, he started stepping one step and he stopped. Then he does it again, stepping one step and stopping. I looked at him weirdly. What was that wolf doing?
  • I saw the wolf sniffing the air as if the wolf was sniffing my scent and he scanned me like the way I do. I growled dangerously when he started walking towards me. So, I stepped back. Don’t you dare to come with me? I said furiously to myself but more on that stranger wolf. I growled loudly that that wolf is a stranger so he must keep off in our territory. But it seemed that the wolf didn't even care whether I gave him a dangerous growl. He kept on pacing towards me. But despite giving him a warning, I could smell his alluring scent that penetrates my nose.
  • I started snarling when he stopped right in front of me. But I suddenly stopped when he came closer to me and sniffed me again. I did what he did. I sniffed his scent. Goodness! Graciousness! It was so addictive! The massive wolf was surely strong. I don’t understand my wolf when she started purring like a kitten and she rubbed herself to the huge body of the wolf. I was shocked. We kept on smelling than my wolf whispered something to me that made my heart pound in shock and panic.
  • Mate.
  • I glared at the elephantine wolf with a beautiful striking fur at the end of the strands of his fur directly to his eyes. We both do the same staring at each other. And then I realized, my wolf kept on howling that he was my mate. I know that he knew that I was his mate too. I saw the intensity in his red eyes. I shook my head, disagreeing with him. I stepped backward.
  • No! No! This can’t be right! He wasn’t my mate! No! No! I stepped back again and I heard a low growl come up from him as if he was saying that I mustn’t go away. I hesitated to take back and walked towards and nuzzled my snout to him... to smell his alluring scent. But I chose to step back again and stay away from him. I don’t want him. I didn’t expect to meet my mate here. No, please! Not now. Not this time.
  • I turned my back to him and with my powerful legs, I ran away from him very fast. I even heard him howled loudly when I was not in his sight. I ran and ran and ran till I reached the packhouse still in my wolf form. I mind-linked Alpha Storm and Casey in a hurried tone that I’m going to enter his office. I’m too afraid of what was happening to me. I didn’t expect that I could find a strange wolf who seemed to enter our pack’s territory. Why Alpha Storm didn’t move a muscle or notice that there’s a strange wolf right here?
  • I felt startled as I felt my mate’s presence. Shit! I cursed as I noticed that my mate is following me. I could smell his scent not too far away from where I am. I hurried up again and forcefully slammed open the door using my wolf’s head.
  • I almost ran through the Alpha Storm’s office chanting hurriedly that I am going in. When I saw that the door was slightly opened, I went in. I saw them standing up and talking like they were like colleagues and they were shocked as I ran to Alpha Storm and I went back to my human form. “Rachelle!” they said in unison.
  • “Brother!” I said. I instantly hugged Alpha Storm as I locked my arms in his waist and was afraid to let go from him when I felt my mate’s presence at my back. My body shook in fear. Alpha Storm locked his arms from me as if protecting me from any harm. I heard the strange wolf growl slowly and hide behind Storm’s back.
  • “Brother!” I heard Casey squealed from God knowing who she was indicating. I was feeling nervous and at the same time afraid. Fear to face my unexpected mate that was behind me, a few meters away from me. “Oh! Brother, why are you in your wolf form?”
  • I was stunned by what Casey said. Brother? Wolf form? Is that... Casey’s brother?
  • I slowly gaped my head to meet the strange wolf whom Casey said was her brother. As I slowly glared, I met a pair of dark hazel eyes that were strangely looking at me. He was in a human form and I could see his features. He has a beautiful pair of dark hazel eyes, a chiseled face, and his lips were slightly parted. He was looking at me intently as if I was so beautiful he ever met. I felt the bond that was connected between us.
  • I could smell his scent after rain and mint. It was so really alluring. I am sure of it. He was my mate and I knew he knew it. His eyes twinkled and he smiled at me. I just hid my face at Alpha Storm’s back and hugged him tightly causing him to growl again.
  • Alpha Storm cleared his throat. “So, how are you strolling around here in my pack, Claude?” I could feel Alpha Storm’s arms locking me tightly like he was protecting me. He mind-linked me. ‘Are you alright?’ he asked me worriedly.
  • ‘I don’t want to meet him, brother.’ I pleaded with him not wanting him to be my mate. He knew it. I realized I called him ‘brother’. ’Sorry, I called you ‘brother’.′ I bowed my head at him.
  • I heard him chuckle. “It’s alright. You are my little sister after all.” He spoke it aloud. My cheeks flared from embarrassment from calling me a little sister. Then I felt his head turning sideways. “Claude, meet Rachelle, my little sister. Rachelle, meet Claude, Casey’s brother.”
  • I glared at Claude. He was looking at me again. I looked away and hid again. Claude growled again and I could see the tension between us. The tension broke as Casey shrieked. She came over to me and hugged me. “My brother mind-linked me that you’re his mate,” she whispered.