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Chapter 8 Culprit Has Been Found

  • Agnes stood outside the building, preparing to enter. She let out a deep sigh, perhaps she was again entering that mysterious lion's den! The huge building was impressively decorated with glass work. She reminded herself that she was there for a murder, to hunt her prey and knock him down for what he'd done to her. Agnes settled her loose green dress, which came down to her knees, covering her thighs and hiding her beautiful figure in that looseness. She tied her hair into a ponytail, looking professional yet graceful.
  • Agnes took the steps towards the entrance with confidence and delicacy, with the files of her qualifications and other basic information tucked to her chest by her bare hand. She strode through the hall painted in white, reaching the reception. A pretty girl was on call managing the entries of people and providing them with the needed information. As the call ended, she wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked up as Agnes spoke.
  • "Excuse me. I'm here for an interview with the boss for the role of his secretary."
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