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Chapter 7 Agnes Regina

  • Either you rise from the pit, or you remain fallen and become mad!
  • [Agnes Regena’s POV]
  • What should I say or what should I tell? Really? You want to listen to my story? I didn't tell HIM about myself or my identity when I fell in love with him. Yes, HIM!
  • I, Agnes Regena, came to the human world on a study tour about humans. I'm a vampire, as you read. I'm actually 500 years old, but the time of the human world and our world is different, so you won't understand. We vampires don't get old, and we don't burn in sunlight it's a myth. We don't even drink human blood, although we sometimes crave it. We do respect the "peace pact" signed with ancient humans and for that we mingle with the humans without getting caught.
  • When I came here and started my high school life, I fell in love with a boy. We became really good friends. He was the star of our school, and girls used to watch him play, write him letters, and want to be his girlfriend. I studied human behaviors and psychology. Everything was positive, and I made notes about human eating habits, mindset, dedication, jealousy, anger, happiness, frustration, sexual desires, romanticism, attractions between two humans, straight, homosexuals, bisexuals, relationships of humans with animals, and how they treated them. I also studied the mutual understanding of humans, how a married couple copes, how a girlfriend and boyfriend keep their relationship and cherish each other.
  • Perhaps I was blinded by my love for that human boy, and I only focused on good human traits and behaviors. But life taught me a lesson. I remember that day when, after school, on the way back to my apartment, I saw that boy, my boyfriend, cheating on me! I heard a girl's voice in a street, actually a dead end after taking a turn. It wasn't a voice, the girl was moaning.
  • I leaped off my cycle and followed the voice to help that girl, but... I saw HIM with that girl. She was holding that girl up in his arms, the legs of the girl wrapped around his back, and his hand was on her butt. I peeped silently from far, hiding behind a tin garbage can.
  • Th boy had his jeans a bit down, while her skirt was on but her underwear was down. They were mating in that dead end. I heard that girl moaning with delicacy; she was loving it, every kiss he was applying on her lips. My heart sank in despair, and I felt a stake in my heart. I didn't know what to do. My eyes cried along with my heart.
  • I covered my mouth to avoid any voice. I wished it was my illusion, and I peeked again. This time he laid her down on the ground, he was opening her shirt, she was holding his face when he bit her nipple, and she laughed. I hated her laugh. I hated both of them. He jerked, and she arched her back; they both shared intimacy. I was unable to watch more so sneaked from there silently.
  • Why are humans like this? Liars, cheaters, and frauds!
  • I moved from there, left the city, and stayed at home alone. When my situation got worse because of a lack of spiritual attraction, I wanted to die but failed. When my father, the king of all vampires, came to fetch me, I became pale and thin. We vampires need to touch a human to suck their little spiritual energy, which helps us to survive. My father hired a human who willingly saved me. She was nice to me, and I requested my father to let me go to the human world again.
  • All I wanted answers. Are all humans the same? Why wasn't my human caretaker like that boy? Upon my insistence, he allowed me to come here again after 50 years. I changed my name various times and migrated through various cities, as we vampires do not age. I came across many good people and was living great.
  • I started working at a nightclub in order to gain that spiritual contact with humans. I never shared intimacy as my every customer faded by my touch, but he was satisfied. Why? We vampires have supernatural abilities to calm and release stress through our touch only. I was known as "the queen" in that night club. Everything was going fine until that night came.
  • I was pure and chaste, just like my name "Agnes," and I was the queen in my world, just like other half "Regena." But someone took everything from me. My lady manager drugged me in the greed of more money. I asked her about that man, I wanted to kill him... every human was the same! I learned this a few days ago.
  • Now what I want is revenge! My friend at the bar told me that he didn't come; instead, someone we don't know spent a night with me. This made me aggressive. A mysterious man took away my chastity. How was I supposed to get him now when no one knows him here? I quit that bar, but before that, I came to know that guy was a rich business tycoon. I prepared a list of them, there are five in total, and I decided to work with each of them within one year of the contract.
  • So that I'd get my prey and could kill him! Moreover, it'll be fine as in office work; it'll be an opportunity to get that spiritual energy with handshakes for my survival. Now I've applied for an assistant position in Ezekiel's, and I'll be joining from tomorrow. To get such qualifications isn't that big a deal for someone having supernatural powers!