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Chapter 5 Agnes Quits Her Job

  • The next morning Agnes woke up rubbing her eyes, she sat straight as the woman yawned. The room was quiet surprisingly as if nothing had happened. No one was there and it was not an unusual thing because no client used to stay after spending the night with her. “What exactly happened? Argh! What happened to me last night?” She had no clue about anything and thus looked around to check the surroundings in case there was someone around.
  • She wanted to get up but her lower abdomen felt an extreme pang of discomfort. Agnes looked down at herself and then stared at her naked body. At once she stepped out of bed totally forgetting the waves of pain that were circulating in her whole body. “What the fuck!? No, no! No one can do this to me!” Agnes snarled in that empty room as she grew angier.
  • She pulled the silk cloth from bed to confirm the hunch and saw the blood spots on the white bed cover. Agnes felt her hands trembling and legs shaking, she fell on the ground backwards on her naked round butt. Tears started to fell from her emerald eyes and got absorbed in the red carpet. She covered her face with horror which washed over her body.
  • "You filthy humans!” Agnes spoke with disgust in her voice. How could she let the culprit go that easily? But what lingered at the back of her head as confusion was an even bigger question. How a mere human was able to touch her without fainting? How was the man able to fuck her without dying? Because if he had been dead then everyone in the bar would have known it by now.
  • “I will not spare you. I will not leave you breathing, the one who who stole my chastity." She whispered to herself in anger while gritting. Agnes knew that no ordinary man was able to do all that and nobody knew her identity. Then how could a man manage to touch and fuck her? Agnes wished to see the man who was able to do that. The one who was not ordinary. The mysterious man who might turn out someone important to her.
  • "And the ones who drugged me!" She completed her words as her eye color changed to flashing red. Yes, her vampiric blood boiled upon knowing that the filthy humanas had ditched her and one managed to even steal her chastity. How could she let the live? Agnes stood up and dashed towards the cupboard to pull out some clothes.
  • They had messed with the wrong person. She was not an ordinary woman but a royal blood vampire!
  • Nonetheless, Agnes donned the dress and dashed out of her room towards the cabin of the owner. "Where is the lady manger? I want to see her right now!" Agnes yelled at a girl who was the assistant there. The innocent girl looked up at her acknowledging that she was the renowned worker there and held a major importance.
  • "She is busy with a client arranging deals." The girl informed her when Agnes stormed out of the room. She strode towards the other cabin the owner used to conduct the meetings. Agnes was dressed in mourning white, the night was enough to suffer, to cry and to decide. She wanted the answers now regarding the client who spent the night with her yesterday.
  • The guy in the other cabin left when she opened the door with a bang and threw a deadly glare towards the lady manager. "How dare you?” Agnes yelled at the lady manager as she slammed her both hands on the desk while managing her supernatural strength. “How dare you to drug me? this was not in the contract!"
  • The lady manger was mentally prepared for this so kept herself normal. Of course, she was conscious about what she had done to Agnes last night. "Calm down, Agnes Regena. And then tell me what are you asking." The elderly woman spoke with a careless expression which annoyed Agnes even more. She did not care to apologize at all for doing such thing to Agnes without her consent.
  • "Calm down! Tskk. How the fuck can I calm down? You drugged me last night. Who told you to do that? Why did you do that? Was it a part of client’s demand?” Agnes demanded the answers as she folded her arms indicating she was not going to move until she got the replies. How could she let the whole thing slide? She did not get to absorb the life force from the person, instead the man stole something dear from her.
  • "Actually I was the one who drugged you last night. I gave you a dose of philter which heightened your desires." The manager explained. She did not seem to be ashamed upon doing such thing to Agnes, instead made it appear a part of her work. On the other hand, Agnes was not willing to take such bullshit, she had cleared it in her contract that nothing such would be done without her consent.
  • "But why the fuck would you do that?" Agnes smashed her fist on the table with a dang. She was angry, much more than that. "It was the demand of that customer. He wanted you to be at peak with him!" The lady manager explained and threw everything on Jairus, making him appear the bad guy in the picture. In reality he had nothing to do with those drugs because the client was somehow swapped.
  • A twist of fate?
  • "What? And you gave me that dose upon that stupid request of that bloody customer!" Agnes could not believe that she could breach the contract just like that. "Yeah? He was paying double for you!" The lady manager tried to reason out which Agnes did not buy. It was enough for her that she lost something precious to a man whose name was not even in her memory. What worse could it be?
  • "Tsk. You are unbelievable." Agnes hissed and turned around while raking through her ginger hair which flowed over her shoulders like a sunset scenario. "Calm down Agnes, it isn't a big deal. He paid advanced to have you! It's hard to manage such a bar and too many girls. We needed his money. So I did what he said."
  • Agnes threw a glare with her emerald eyes at her and then shouted at the woman. "Without my fucking consent!" This time Agnes’ voice was loud. She had had enough by now, and was not gonna cater the shit anymore. If the manager could do it once she could do it again too.
  • "Ah yeah!" Agnes stood silent for some moments then placed her decision. "I am quitting!" She spoke with confidence knowing that her contract was almost over too and considering the special clause she could void it. "Wha.... what?" The lady manager was surprised as she couldn't afford to let her go or to work for another bar.
  • "You heard me right. I quit. I'm leaving." Agnes turned to leave the cabin. The lady manager threw another sentence in hope that Agnes would stay and take her decision back. "But where will you go?" The manager tried to put some sense into her mind knowing that Agnes knew nobody in the city and had nowhere to go, maybe highlighting that would make her stay.
  • "To the hell. It is not your concern now!" Agnes snapped as she replied her immediately in loud voice with aggressive tone. She turned back towards the door and exited the cabin while slamming it hard, leaving the lady manager stunned and mildly worried.