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Chapter 4 Guilt Of Mafia Lord

  • Xander drove silently back towards the mansion not knowing what clearly had happened back there in the bar. All the way he was silent and his friends knew about his anger which made them not ask him anything. It was obvious that something must have had occurred there which was a query and mystery for all of the friends. However, they all decided to give Jairus some time alone to ask him the next day about what had happened. Xander dropped Jairus at his place since the guys took turns to go to the bars every weekend.
  • With a heavy heart full of guilt Jairus stepped towards his room with thumping of boots audible in that quiet mansion since nobody else was staying with him. The door opened with a creak as he pushed his body forward towards the bed with black coat hung on his arm and threw himself on bed with legs touching down the carpet. Jairus was still not sure what and how exactly all that had happened, however everything was unusual. But he could also still feel that lingering touch over his body and lips from that woman.
  • The heavy effect of alcohol faded when he saw that blood spot previously but by the time he reached home he was in his complete senses, all awake and normal yet anxious and giddy. His mind was still stuck upon what happened and why the woman’s touch felt peculiar to him. He brushed his hair back and wiped the sweat from his face, his heart racing fast upon recalling the blood stain which he saw back there. How could he forget that he stole someone's FIRST TIME when she was drunk and not in the position to resist or to stop him.
  • He shot up from the bed and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower. The lukewarm water washed off everything from his body. But the guilt was still on his mind and despair in his heart. Tucking his one hand to the wall he leaned a bit as the water was flowing on his shoulders and his mind was running, still pondering upon every single thing he did. During all those thoughts his eyes shone brighter and canines grew into fangs as he snarled in anger. Jairus looked in his reflection as he breathed over the mirror and saw the most hunky face he could ever find in the human world.
  • Somehow that night made him think and repent once for all which made him recall every other woman whom he had spent the night with. But one thing was different with Miss Agnes; she did not smell or felt like a human at all. Which made her existence even more a mystery to him including her status as the bar’s expert sex worker. He thought of every single girl he spent his lonely nights with before her to remember their body and feeling of their skin. But he could not brush it off how sweet and spicy Agnes tasted and it was not how a usual human girl tasted.
  • At that moment he felt bad his mouth was not lingering for any other girl or anything sweet. Instead his tongue was sour and bitter, he felt the worst kind of heat and thirst for Agnes’ body once again. With trembling hands he put on his white robe and came back into the room. Jairus slipped himself into a grey pyjamas and shirt as he settled into bed with a heavy body as if a weight was put on his shoulders. He pulled the white blanket close up to his chin when it reminded him of that white silk sheet which he threw upon that girl.
  • He felt as if his heart had stopped in anxiety as Jairus experienced the pangs of pain inside his heart but then tried to calm himself. As he could not change anything now, all that happened was already done and passed. The night was much longer than usual for him, and there were only about three hours left for his work. He wanted to sleep but could not when the clock would soon hit eight in the morning and he would have to get out of the bed and his mansion to face reality. Jairus sat straight in irritation, sweat was popping out from his body. The only thing coming to his mind was the face of that girl whenever he closed his eyes. He rubbed his red eyes, opened the drawer and took out the sleeping pills and took three tablets.
  • Was he trying to commit suicide? Probably sleeping pills could not affect a vampire no matter the dose.
  • The morning rays peeped out of the curtains and the alarm clock rang at the time set to it sharp at eight. Jairus woke up rubbing his eyes hard which were turning red due to lack of sleep. He pushed himself towards the washroom for a bath again to freshen up and to forget everything which happened last time. After thirty minutes wrapped in a bath gown he came out brushing his hair with fingers. By the time his dress was placed on the edge of the bed nicely ironed. Ruby, his maid, was still on time as usual, he shook his head at the thought of the old maid servant who had been doing his chores since his childhood.
  • Jairus donned that grey suit with white shirt which fitted him well, put on a pungent cologne and stared at the man in the mirror. Jairus was proud of his features which were mainly the perks for him for being a vampire, he was handsome indeed and the young master Ezekiel.
  • His elder brother was settled abroad and was managing the foreign business of Ezekiel's.
  • Michael Ezekiel, Jairus’ father divided his business empire between his two sons and was always on tours with his wife.
  • Jairus strode towards the kitchen where his cook was making breakfast. He sat on the table putting aside his things which included cell phone, car keys and wallet. And within a few minutes there came a plate of fresh pancakes with green tea, all time his favourite breakfast. After finishing he wiped his face and drove towards the company while trying not to stress himself. Jairus tried not to think about anything that happened yesterday. But at the very thought of that night, during driving his heart became gloomy. He started the fm-radio to divert his thoughts and kept the volume high which helped him a bit to divert his mind.
  • He reached the company, parked his car, stepped out and took a deep breath to make himself normal. As he was the boss and to his employees, a cold hearted, nonchalant and strict person. He did not want to let anyone know that he still has a soft corner or that his icy heart can melt too. Jairus was the CEO of the biggest conglomerate, being a billionaire he had a lot of responsibilities. Taking bigger steps he took the elevator and stepped into the corridor of 5th floor where a girl greeted him. "Good morning, Mr. Ezekiel"
  • Jairus glanced at her with a stern gaze and ogled the woman from head to toe. "Good morning" He replied to her in a firm tone, as usual even though his mind was clouded by the incident. As he strode towards his cabin, Jairus intended to make himself busy with the office work. As he was dedicated towards his only love_business. Jairus was still occupied with his work, when the glass door of the cabin opened and a slender silhouette appeared. The girl was having blonde hair, dressed in green with blue eyes with false lashes which she was baiting at Jairus. She greeted him in a honey coated tone indicating she knew him on a personal level. "Good morning, my love!"
  • The woman peeked through the door as she closed it behind herself and looked at him lovingly. "Morning Genevieve." Jairus looked up at his recent girlfriend who was the daughter of a rich businessman. And used to come to meet Jairus...more often. She came forward to him, sat on the edge of the table and leaned in such a manner showing off her breasts. Genevieve came closer to Jairus' face and leaned forward with her hips, which she was moving in a delicate manner to lure Jairus to herself.
  • "My sweetie pie isn't in a good mood today." The woman spoke in a seductive manner which made Jairus smile. "Yeah, just a bit tired." Jairus settled back in his chair and pulled Genevieve towards himself, making her fall in his lap. "Aw, what can I do for you then to make you happy?" She asked like a smitten kitty knowing that either way Jairus would disclose everything to her.
  • "Well....I don't know." Jairus replied to her and slipped his hand from her thigh towards her navel when she giggled. "You naughty!" She placed her lips upon his and bit him there to make him open his lips, as he did. She kissed him passionately as he started to rub her back. And kissed her with the same force, she moaned making him ferocious in that act. Jairus held her popping breasts with one hand and squeezed them while she laughed. And Jairus bit her above chest line.
  • Guilt overcame his senses and he shoved Genevieve back with sweat around his forehead. "Are you okay, honey?" She asked, holding his face in her hands. "Yeah I'm okay."
  • Jairus replied by pushing her back as she stood up and asked again in a concerned tone. How could she let her worrisome boyfriend handle stress alone? Only if she knew what had happened. "You sure? Is there anything bothering you?" She questioned him again, seeing his hesitation. "Uh yeah ....No, no I'm fine. There isn't anything. Genevieve can you just leave now? I will call you later." He stumbled upon his words.
  • And she left without questioning him more, the woman knew he was not going to tell her anyway. Genevieve was aware that he was a tough shell to crack and it was much tougher to reach his heart in true honesty. Jairus held his head between both hands, when the screen of his cell phone flashed and the name of Kurtz was showing. He was calling him to ask about yesterday as the way back to home Jairus kept quiet.
  • Kurtz and Xander asked him various times but he shook them off. They knew something happened there but they knew this too that Jairus wasn't that kind of guy who gets upset easily. It must be something serious, something big and something worse. Jairus didn't take the call and it immediately ended. It was silent again in the cabin, he could hear his inner self making noise....forcing him to repent.