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The Baby Daddy Is A Vampire

The Baby Daddy Is A Vampire


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Seductive Encounter

  • The candles were illuminating the room with their dim light as the scent coming from them created a romantic atmosphere. It was obvious that anyone in his place would have given in too. The throbbing sensation within his jeans was the most expected reaction from his body. After all, that succubus was clad in a backless long dress which hung till her feet and hugged her body like a perfect boyfriend.
  • Jairus looked around as he was seated on the other side of the table while his eyes were darted towards the woman in front of him. The room was enough space for the other necessary furniture and that small two seater table to be there. The man was barely able to hold back his carnal desires which were solely caused by the whole sensual atmosphere.
  • He could see through her intentions but also did not wish to stop the woman knowing that she was doing all that to test his limits. Agnes lifted her head after pouring the wine and looked into the reflection. A meaningful grin appeared on her lips knowing that his heated eyes were fixated on her exposed back which was an obvious hint.
  • The woman’s antics were quite obvious that she was acting in a flirtatious, more like in a seductive manner to tempt him. It was not like Jairus failed to understand that, the man was aware of her intentions but he also did not want to stop her, indicating that even his body was receptive to her advances and the way she had been treating him.
  • “Don't you feel anything?"
  • Agnes turned around and leaned against the dressing table as she swirled her glass and looked at him. Jairus smiled back at the woman totally welcoming her attitude and the little sneaky tricks she had been playing on him.
  • She playfully walked towards him with a cautious gait while her eyes were fixated on his handsome chiselled face. Agnes sat opposite to him as she placed the wine glass in front of him on the table. Jairus did not move any bit instead he leaned against the chair with a lopsided grin as he watched her.
  • Agnes seemed to be truly loving all that scene that she asked him while nearing the candle which was in the midst of the table cloth. Jairus was smiling the whole time in a crooked or uneven way, which indicated that he was feeling mischievous or amused by her as she sneakily touched his hand over the edge of the table.
  • "Anything heated or different?"
  • She whispered while licking her lips as she intensely stared at him in the attempt to seduce the man. Jairus on the other hand softly chuckled at her bold question which made him wonder how experienced she truly was in her antics and words which she had been using.
  • It was still hard to say what Jairus's thoughts and intentions were in that situation. However, it was clear that the woman was attempting to seduce him and Jairus responded in a somewhat reserved and curious manner. It was obvious that anyone in his place would have already pounced on her and have ravished the woman mercilessly.
  • Placing one knee over the table Agnes leaned towards him as she crawled towards Jairus like a wild cat. Her seductive dark makeup added up a significant amount of charm to her looks. Agnes could see that the guy had some magnetic effect on her and the way he was still in his senses amazed her.
  • "No? Should I have felt something?"
  • Jairus withdrew his hand and backed off a little as he played along with the woman. The sane reaction made Agnes quizzical because her scent and hypnotism should have made Jairus sleep. But it appeared that he was in the mood to play now with her the same way.
  • It was possible that Jairus had some level of resistance to the woman's hypnotism, and now he was simply choosing to play along despite feeling the effects of her scent. It seemed that Jairus had some other motivation for not succumbing to the woman's powers, such as the desire to remain in control of the situation or to know more about her.
  • "Oh, you mean by the new sauce?"
  • Jairus pretended to get off guard even though his supernatural senses were working exceptionally well to hear and sense her every movement. The man lifted his head only to see that Agnes had grown closer to him as she was now on her four limbs over the table.
  • Her emerald orbs changed colour and glowed crimson, but for some reason Jairus did not seem afraid to see her canines enlarging into fangs. Agnes leaped towards him due to the sudden pouncing over Jairus the chair fell backwards with a thump as Agnes fell over him.
  • Agnes hasn’t found anyone like Jairus till now which completely negates the possibility of her matenot being born. Even after so many years and meeting multiple people every year. She has lost every hope of meeting her mate by now. Because only a pure hearted person could share true intimacy with her without fainting.
  • Now you must be thinking that how she still is not exposed to the humans? Or why don’t the customers sense anything odd or different? It is because the customers, in the morning go home satisfied with the pleasure they receive with her touch. Although Agnes never shared intimacy with anyone but it is her touch that releases the stress and put everyone to sleep.
  • It all started from that day!