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Chapter 3 Mate

  • Mature content. Read at your own risk.
  • At the club, Callum saw when Alex was taking a girl with him but he didn't see the girl's face, which got him curious of what had happened. "Why is he carrying a woman in a princess style?" Did he finally find his mate? He questioned himself, he wanted to go after him, but the lady with him had stopped him by sitting on his lap, before he could push her away, Alex had already left.
  • He opened the backseat door of his car and put the lady inside while he entered the driver's seat and drive off. He looked through the rear-view mirror and saw that the girl was squirming and talking in her sleep, he could tell that the girl was uncomfortable. He kept driving till he stopped in front of a hotel. He went to the backseat and carry the lady but she was already awake, he tried to carry her but she pushed him away.
  • "Let go of me." She said pushing the man away. He didn't let her go, the grip of his hands around her was so tight that she couldn't wriggle away. "Hold on, you're drunk." He said, before closing the door of the car.
  • Sam! it's you, are you here to take me home? The girl asked, she touched his face with her hands gently and smiled in her drunk state.
  • He felt a form of coldness in his body especially when she touch his face, but frown when he heard her call another guy's name. He waved it off and carry her at once, but this time he carried her over his shoulder and head inside. He got to the reception and ask for the card to his room, without wasting his time, the receptionist gave him a card, she knows what kind of trouble she will get into if she delays him.
  • He left the reception and went to his special room in the hotel, he opened it, walk to the bed and drop her down on the bed.
  • "This place is hot." The lady said, She got down from the bed and try to remove her cloth, but had a little trouble with the zip. Alex, who was fighting with his wolf suddenly said. "Don't you dare remove your cloth, just sleep and sober it up." He tried to move close to her, so as to push her into the blanket on the bed, but stopped at once; when he saw that the girl had remove her gown, it was only her red lacy bra and pant that was on her. He swallowed hard and turned around instantly.
  • What do you think you're doing? Touch her. His wolf said, he was trying to fight himself from touching, even he could feel he was so hard, the only thing he could think of is to leave the room instantly. He was about running out when he heard the girl says. "I'm so hot, Sam."
  • He got angry at the fact that the girl kept saying another man's name.
  • Immediately he turned to her and slammed his lips on her and kissed her hard. His hands went towards her bra and unhooked it, he stopped kissing her and look at her firm perky breast, he felt like an hungry beast, he looked back at the girl who was still recovering from the kissing. He kissed and suck her neck, he kept tracing his kisses from her neck to her shoulders till he finally got to her breast, he kissed and suck one of her breast while his one hand was fondling with the other one. The girl kept on moaning. He traced his kisses again to her stomach and with one swift move, he removed her pant and rub on her v, he dip his middle finger into her v and make some movement. Haaa.. sa..Sam. The lady moaned.
  • He was so angry, at once he stopped everything he was doing, he held her legs and placed it around his waist. He rammed into her at once without pleasuring her anymore, she was so tight, but he kept on slamming into her. The lady held on tight, her hands holding his back tightly. She kept on moaning, again she said, moaning. "Sam."
  • "Just stop saying the damn name." Alex cursed, this time, he went in deeper and harder. Then suddenly his wolf said again. Mate, mark her." He felt his canines getting long, he dip his teeth into her neck. The girl moaned in pain, even though she was not in her right senses, she felt the pain. He licked the blood and kiss her neck without stopping his movements on her, while the girl was moaning more and more, till they finally reached their climax.
  • He looked at the lady who had already fallen asleep, he could feel himself getting hard again, but he kept it to himself.
  • "I hope you're happy." He said to his wolf before falling asleep, he was so weak that he also couldn't move a muscle. It was what Callum gave him that was having effect on him.