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The Alpha's Human Half

The Alpha's Human Half

ButterFly Fairy

Update: 2022-12-19

Chapter 1

  • She held her protruded belly running as fast as she could, her legs getting slower at every step she took. She knew that she couldn’t hold on for so much longer. The huge wolves running behind her would soon catch her up with her and that was the last thing she needed. If they caught her, she would be tied to the stakes and be burnt alive, she and her child. She needed to protect her child. She was innocent and had done nothing at all.
  • She wiped her already dirty face, smearing even more mud on her face, holding her belly and her eyes searching the forest to find a hideout to hide but the forest was bare and stretched out into the dark with no place to hide. If she even hid at that moment, they would sniff her out.
  • With her thoughts running wild and her mind in disarray; she didn’t see the roots of the tree in front of her that had stretched out his roots all over the place. She tripped over it in less than a second and fell heavily on her stomach. Sending her palm to her mouth to muffle whatever sound her mouth would make; she screams internally in her head. Her mouth moved as silently as possible as she chanted the invisibility spell.
  • She groaned while trying to sit up and leaned her back against the tree trunk watching as the huge wolves that had been chasing her come to a stop a few metres away from her. Groaning as silently as possible, while groping her stomach; she watched as the wolves morphed back into tall guards wearing the same outfits. Dresses that she was more than familiar with, they were royal guards.
  • “Where’s she?” one of them asked, looking around.
  • “I could still smell her a few minutes ago,” another one replied.
  • “And now I can’t smell her at all,” he added as they looked around.
  • “She has not been the Chief Priestess for so long if she could be caught so easily” the first guard that had spoken first said again.
  • “She obviously has some tricks up to her sleeves. She’s not far away. We need to catch her before sunrise and return to the pack” he added as he turned to one of them.
  • “Send the signal and have the guards spread out in the forest. We must find her; this is our territory, she can’t outsmart us” he declared as the other one nodded and released a flare into the sky. They nodded at each other bursting into races while picking different directions to find her.
  • She sighed softly, she knew that her strength was almost gone and the invisibility spell would soon lose its efficacy. She froze as she felt something on the palm she had used to support her stomach. With quivering lips, she brought her palm to her eyes and saw the red bloodied palm; she looked in between her legs and as expected, there was a pool of blood already forming in between her legs.
  • She didn’t think out before letting out a scream…….
  • Zurie sat up on her bed and met the familiar purple painted walls; she sighed softly while rubbing her eyes and using the other hand to comb her hair backwards. For someone who enjoyed life as much as she did, having dreams about parties, having a dream about hanging out with her parents and sneaking out of school wouldn’t come as a surprise to her at all.
  • But for the past two weeks, she had been having the same dream over and over again and it kept stopping at the same place every single time.
  • For a start it was a weird dream; this was the twenty-first century; how could anything like wolves morphing humans, humans morphing into wolves exist? Not to talk of magic. These things only happened in movies and in novels, they were just fictional and expressions of someone’s wild imaginations.
  • Zurie didn’t remember watching any supernatural movie or reading a book that depicted events like that for her to have a dream like that and for two weeks straight was something that she couldn’t wrap her head around at all. She pushed the blankets covering the lower half of her body aside as she got out of bed.
  • Having a dream like that was one, having the same dream for two weeks straight was something else and that the dream felt way too real was another thing. She wore her flip flops while making her way to her bathroom. She pushed the door open allowing her in while staring at herself in the vanity mirror.
  • A girl with an oval face with a small nose and slightly huge eyes stared back at her. She bent and put on some paste on her toothbrush as she started brushing her teeth. Her heart shaped lips moved haphazardly as she brushed her teeth.
  • “Zurie!” someone yelled and Zurie quickly spat out the foam in her mouth, washing her mouth and her face while returning her toothbrush to its usual spot. She walked out of the bathroom back into the purple themed room and then out of the room whistling to the tune of a song that she couldn’t even remember as she walked down the stairs.
  • There was a woman dressed in an impeccable suit and her hair was tied up with a Chinese hairpin holding her hair together. Her pointed nose has rimless glasses resting on it while she scrolled through her phone.
  • “Good morning Mom” Zurie greeted, closing the distance between them and dropping a kiss on her cheeks. The woman was quick to drop her phone as she turned to her daughter and smiled at her.
  • “Did you just wake up?” she asked while Zurie pulled out one of the chairs plastering her butt on the chair.
  • “Yes. I’m starving” Zurie replied, yawning quietly.
  • “The maids are almost done with the food. You can have your food and then have Barth drop you off at school” her mom replied while Zurie nodded her head.
  • “Where’s Dad?” Zurie asked.
  • “He had an emergency surgery so he had to leave quite early” her mom replied pushing her glasses up her nose while Zurie furrowed her brows.
  • “Didn’t you say you would get another pair of glasses last week?” Zurie asked and the woman seated opposite her laughed lightly.
  • “I’ll get it today” she replied, an indulging smile on her face.
  • Everyone who had met Zurie and her parents always had one question?
  • Are they your parents?
  • And Zurie didn’t blame them for asking such questions. Her parents and her were nothing alike. Her mom was a beautiful woman in her late thirties and had this face that many wouldn’t easily notice but on closer inspection you would realise that she was a really beautiful woman. She was just like that, a soft and quiet beauty. Despite the fact that she had to use a pair of glasses to see clearly, it didn’t diminish her beauty at all and in a way gave her a refined look.
  • Her Dad as well had the same temperament, he was quiet and gentle and that was why Zurie had always gotten away with whatever she had done right from when she was little. All she had to do was to hug his legs or cry in his neck, whatever punishment had been melted on her would be dispelled the very minute.
  • Zurie on the other hand was a beauty that no one would easily miss. She had huge eyes that were as attractive as her face and mouth. Her overall look was a sharp contrast to her mom’s solemn look and her father’s quiet stance. Her parents were handsome and beautiful in their own rights but it always came as a shock to everyone who met that they had birthed a child like Zurie.
  • Zurie herself had once questioned if they were her real parents. She had made a DNA test in secret and that had proved that they were her real parents. There were pictures of her mother being pregnant, there were baby pictures of her all to her current age. Zurie was fast to adapt to the fact that she didn’t look like her parents, after all not all children looked like their parents.
  • Whether she looked like them or not, Zurie didn’t care. She loved her parents to death; the way they loved her to the high heavens. There was nothing she asked for that wasn’t provided for her on a golden plate. They provided her a lifestyle that she could enjoy herself to the fullest without any worries in the world at all.
  • “Instead of using some old Chinese ancient hair pin, not just buy fancy cliffs to pack your hair. You realise that you look like some woman from the Qing dynasty when you wear that” Zurie pointed out and both women burst into laughter.
  • “Zurie, you will not make jest of my precious hairpins. Do you know how much they are worth?” her mom asked, wearing a mock serious face with Zurie jumping to her feet and bowing her head.
  • “I’m sorry your Majesty. '' Zurie replied and both women burst into laughter again.