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Chapter 9 Saved By The Alpha

  • "I received his massage today" Lucas continued then he pause on a second thought he is not going to tell Darian other things that he said he will keep that to himself so not to vex him much.
  • "Alright I will be on my way now" Darian said Lucas while he try to control his temper.
  • Slowly he walk towards his cottage but deep down him he wasn't happy he wasn't expecting Jayden to come any moment from now. When the pack was attacked five years back Jayden flee away from the pack to Korean and now that things are getting better he decided to come back is that not what traitors do. Well, maybe he will just come and go as usual he is not coming to stay but you can't trust him because Jayden have always desire to be the alpha.
  • A lot are going through his mind and it making him worried so the only way to ease himself of all this worry and anger is to have a long run and the best place to do this is outside his pack in the wood.
  • He walk past the warriors guiding the entrance of the gate as they open the gate which is made with iron for him and slowly he walk outside and they close the gate behind him he look around the walls of his pack before he gave a loud howl and he took off immediately. He started running as fast as he could fresh air rushing into his body running will always keep his mind off many things.
  • Darian was running through the bushes when sundelly a faint scent pass through his nostrial he can relate who has that scent vividly his "mate" but what could she be doing here at this odd hour. The scent is coming from his mate she smell like Strawberry mixed with Rose. Sundelly he stopped. Turning his head to the direction of the smell he could feel her heartbeat pounding heavily and it coming closer.
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