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Chapter 32

  • I rushed inside the room breathing heavily using my hand to cover my neck where Darian just injured.
  • Gosh! was he trying to really hurt me is that how much he hate me but what have I done to deserve all this hatred from him we never knew each other before.
  • Elsie wasn't inside the room when I entered I  gently remove my clothes from my back a white tower tied around my waist I needed to take my bath.
  • I remain inside the shower for quite a long time as I allow the water to freshen my body using my hand to scrub my body I noticed something strange at the place where I was wounded by Darian I wasn't feeling pains in it anymore. Curious to know what is happening I gently removed the bandage that was used to cover up the wound and to my greatest surprise, it cleared it as if nothing has happened to me there before.
  • Was I dreaming I thought as I quickly rushed out of the bathroom my towel still tied around my waist to take a proper look at it with the help of a mirror.
  • Immediately after I came out of the bathroom my eyes met with the last person I ever expected.
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