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Chapter 30

  • He growled with a loud voice his mouth an inch away from me like he is gonna eat me up I quickly raised my hand up using it to block my face but surprisingly he squirrel away like a little poppy who was hurt making a little whimpering sound as he steps away from.
  • I was shocked.
  • Speechless
  • Taken aback by this sudden reaction why will the alpha wolf run away from me like I am gonna hurt him.
  • "Calm done Darian we don't have to hurt each other" I walked towards him taking each step steadily I felt pity for him he is hurt because of me he has injuries on his legs just because he was trying to protect me.
  • Darian was aggressive the more I walk towards him the more he groan and howl warning me to stay away but  I'm not buying that and within a second he rushed to me and give me a deep scratch on my back as I made to run away from him and immediately my eyes rolled back to my head as darkens covered me and I fall on the floor no, on something soft and hairy.
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