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Chapter 28

  • "Just stay calm and I will inform you when to run" Darian whispered to me he turned around and looked back but there was no one following us not even a single soul on this lonely path we are walking like I said maybe my body is just reacting like this due to fear.
  • We continue walking this time we are already out of the city and we are now moving deep inside the woods where there are no signs of cars or any moving objects except us which is making me get tired and nervous.
  • "I am tired, for how long are we going to continue with this?" I asked him stoping on the way.
  • "Aria not now please we need to keep moving they are following us" Darian whispered to me. Yes, I am having these feelings that we are been followed but why are they not coming out so we can see them I am just tired.
  • "They have plans they want to know where we are heading to they want to find out our hidden home" he answered the question going through my mind making me frown why should he be the only one to read my mind and I can't even know what is going on in his mind I really want to know maybe if he is in love with me but I doubt if a guy as rigid as him can ever fall in love.
  • We continue walking until we crossed a small pond of water on the floor I looked back and I could see the small trees and leaves shaking then I saw an eye, human eyes were staring at us directly I swallowed hard as I hold on to Darian tightly which means my body and instincts wasn't deceiving me we are truly been followed.
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