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Chapter 27

  • "Let me go my brother is going to kill you if I tell him all this" Elsie continue hitting him on his arms trying to free herself but he was too strong.
  • "The more reasons why I like you Elsie it's because you are a very stubborn and strong woman" he whispers to her ear sending a sweet sensation all over her body.
  • "Are you going to tell him we are mate?" He move his head forward to her face and he whispered to her. Immediately she heard this she went mute her eyes fixed on his own eyes as they stare at each other in silence.
  • Elsie knew that someday she and Tyler we settle their differences but her brother we never let her go with him even if they are mates. Darian, we never let him take her because the Black Moon and the Sunshine pack never agree, their pack was betrayed many years ago by the black moon pack when his father was still the Alpha.
  • "Yes, I am going to tell him and he will make sure nothing ever joined us together not even the mate bond" she yelled angrily at him but deep down in her heart she still wants him, she still wants Tyler she believes he will change someday.
  • "F*ck you, you are my mate Elsie and I am going to claim you as mine I am going to have you" he groaned in anger pulling closer to himself as she struggle to free herself from his hold.
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