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Chapter 26

  • "How did you get here Darian how did you become Aidan?" I asked him getting scared at this man before me. Everything that happened just within this few minutes was like a drama to me it looks like I am being insane, few minutes ago I was seeing Aiden before me after some few seconds it turned out to be Darian.
  • What's really happening?
  • "Aria look at me just look at me" he whispered holding my face. "You need to put yourself together we need to get out of here now."
  • "I am going nowhere with you until you tell me what is happening" I yelled at him removing his hand from my face how can he be playing such dirty games with me.
  • "Aria please this is not the right time to be stubborn we need to go right now else everything you just saw now we come to pass they are coming after you, they want to get you" he yelled at me.
  • "Wait, is this some kind of joke? You mean all the people I saw chasing me I don't know if it a vision or what we come to reality?"
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