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Chapter 25

  • "Nooooo let me go" I screamed struggling to free myself but his hold on me was strong as he quickly used one of his hand to cover my mouth preventing my scream from being heard.
  • "I am not going to hurt you" he muttered covering my mouth.
  • "You are not going to hurt me?" I asked when he is already hurting me his weight and strength are too strong for my body.
  • "Aria calm down I am trying to protect you" he said in a whisper.
  • "Protect me from what?" I screamed interrupting the quiet environment but he was quick to cover my mouth preventing me from being heard.
  • "I can't explain things to you here you we have to follwe me" he said as he hold my hand trying to pull me to follow him but I was quick to withdraw my hands from him.
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