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Chapter 24 Alpha's Mate

  • Everywhere was filled with groan, cries, scream of pain from different directions the cry and sober from great people with power.
  • On the left hand side, they are about 20 male werewolves who were chained with an iron collar on their neck some were chained on their legs. Some are in their human form while others have gone feral as they remain in their wolf form with a blood sucking eyes. And by the right hand side, there are some female wolves some in their wolf form and others in their human form being chained with iron.
  • Doctor Fred and doctor August walk in between the wolves passing through the only narrow road available. Immediately the wolves perceive their scent their cry and wailing increase as they all continue moving, jumping, screaming, and hitting on the iron cage in which they are all kept.
  • The two doctors walk with confidence a smile on their faces they are feeling superior and mighty having the opportunity to be in charge of a powerful being like those wolves. Having them here is their secret project which they have been planning for over ten years. All that they needed to be in full control is just the blood of the Alpha that escaped five years ago and the blood of the girl with a special ability but she never knew she has such great power within her they needed to get her before she knows her ability.
  • After walking to the extreme end of the cage they stopped at their left hand side there, was a gray wolf with a deep yellow eye he was looking very weak as he lay on the cold hard floor his eyes fixed on the female who was at the opposite side of the cage watching him in pains.
  • "He is already dying," Doctor Agustus said after observing him for a while and he doesn't think he can survive for long.
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