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Chapter 22 Leaving My Mate

  • I went froozed immediately she mentioned his name. No can't be true why will someone as sweet as Elsie be paired with such guy as Tyler and she will have to spend the rest of her life with him this is not good and it unfair she can't end up with a guy like him.
  • "Hey listen to me Elsie everything will be fine okay, we are going to find a solution to all this" I pull her closer to myself trying to console her as she rest her head on my shoulder like a little baby.
  • "Everything is not fine Aria, I have no choice than to accept him as my mate else....." She pause weeping the more. "We are both going to feel pains and if we are not strong en6 we are going to die eventually or stay  miserable for the rest of our lives" she explained still crying, right now she must have soaked my clothes with tears.
  • Being mated to the wrong person is not so good what if you are mated to the person you hate, what if you are mated to someone that can hurt you, or someone that caused you so much pain. Everything in this place looks so strange and weird to me.
  • "Come here let me take you home everything is going to be fine" I hold her on her waist her head still on my shoulder as I lead her out of the place. I know they are things Elsie haven't told me about Tyler he must have hurt her so much in the past and I hope some day she will forgive him. Besides he doesn't have the same perfect features like the man she drew on her potriat thinking about this a smile crept on my face. Life at times won't you give excetly what you want.
  • Few minutes later we already at the pack thanks to God, most of the people are not outside so no one is going to ask us any questions about where we are coming from. I made her to lay on the bed as I sat down close to her, not that she sick but she feel weak this is not how will planed her birthday today but now everything is ruined.
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