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Chapter 21 Her Hated Mate

  • "Wow, how did you know this road" I muttered looking around me my eyes meeting tall tall trees with green grasses.
  • "I have known this road a long time ago but I was too scared to come out you know" she turn to me. "They are many wolf hunters out here that can attack someone that is why brother build such an enclosed place for us to live in and be saved"
  • I remember my parents when my dad always sends us to move into another area for safety I never knew that there are some blood-sucking people in this world who are after our lives.
  • "But why did you decide to come here today?" I asked her.
  • "To find my mate, if I continue staying in that pack all day then I won't find my mate so today that I clocked 18 I will keep coming out until I find him" she muttered.
  • "Wow....." Was the only thing that came out of my mouth they are so many things about this person that seems strange to me.
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