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Chapter 16 Elsie and Aria

  • *Aria POV*
  • I and Elsie walk holding hands like we have known each other for a very long time I feel very comfortable with her around me because she is the only person that loves me and doesn't look at me in a bad way.
  • I didn't know what her people might have pass through before or why they see me as their enemy but one thing I am sure and was able to read through their hated eyes was that they have pure hatred for me and they hate human but come to think of it if they hate humans then what are they.
  • All this thought came rushing on my head as I look around the enclosed environment made with tall ilvory and different houses inside it I could hear the perching of birds on tress as the sun shine directly on us from above. I don't know exactly where I and Elsie followed as we walk we haven't come across any one on our way.
  • Elsie remain silent as she allow me to behold this beautiful place.
  • "What is this place what are you people?" I asked Elsie facing her.
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