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Chapter 13 Who Is She

  • "I won't bother you and your people I will definitely find my way out of here and I will be fine" she said standing up from the chair a sad smile spread at the side of her lips.
  • Darian remain seated on his chair as he watch her with kin interest he could feel her pains and feelings but he was too broken to even help her he also needs help, help to fight all his past that keeps hunting him. His wolf make a sad groan on his head he could feel the pain of his wolf he was angry with him for trying to push their mate away but it for the best.
  • She turn around facing him "Thanks for saving my life anyway" she muttered turning around just in a glimpse he saw a scratch at the side of her neck in a quick and reflex action he rush to her and grab her on her hand as he pull her closer to himself.
  • Aria was shock and dumbfounded at his action this was the same man that was sending her away and now he is holding her close in a possessive way.
  • Darian eyes went wide in shock he was not expecting his action to be this fast it was like some invisible force push him to her although he doesn't want her close to himself he still can't watch her get hurt.
  • Aria watch him as they both went silent staring at each others eye she was suppose to push him away but she wants to know why he was sundelly holding her just in a few second he is holding her so close to himself.
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