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Chapter 11 Elsie And Aria

  • I woke up the following morning I turn beside me and I realized that the blond girl we share the same bed with last night wasn't around anymore. I don't know actually want the time is here I remove my phone from my bag as I check the time it already 9 o'clock am.
  • I woke up late today unlike every other day that I have to get ready for school maybe the reason why I woke up late was because I was not going to school today or because I slept late yesterday. I couldn't sleep yesterday because of the thought of my parents that filed my mind I was even scared to close my eyes one glimpse or maybe it because of the light that was off I am too scared to sleep with the light off I am the type that always had a bad night mares.
  • I check my school bags and all my school books are inside it my mom also make sure she pack all my med inside the bag a sad expression lingered on my face as I remember my mom she is the best woman I have come to know all my life.
  • The ringing of my phone brings me back from my thought I check the phone and it was Alice calling me.
  • "Hello" I muttered immediately I picked the call.
  • "Aria where are you did you want us to go to school late on Monday morning?" She yelled at me like she is my mom I just remember that today is Monday but I don't know my way around here.
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