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Chapter 10 In Moon Shine Pack

  • *Darian POV*
  • I stand while I watch her head drop slowly to the floor she is my mate the other part of me I know she is pretty and good looking but I never want to have anything to do with human I hate human, I loathe human and I despise them having one as a mate is never what I have wish for and I am never going to accept her as my mate, even if she is the one that was said to break the curse.
  • I bend down beside her as I pick her little body up from the floor in a bridal style. I stare at her pretty face her long lashes covering her beautiful eyes I carried her on my shoulder as I take her inside the pack all thanks to God most of my pack members were asleep even my Beta so no one sees me while bringing her in but I know by tomorrow they will all know.
  • She can't sleep in my room nor will I allow her to sleep alone so the only place I can take her to is my sister's room I knock on my sister's room as I slightly open the door and walk in then I placed her on a bed beside my sister who is already fast asleep I was about walking away when sundelly her hand grab me on my wrist.
  • "Please don't leave me" came her tiny voice as I turn around facing her her eyes was slightly opened.
  • Although I can't see her face clearly because the light here is not bright enough but I can see the traces of agony on her voice.
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