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The Alpha's Hated Mate

The Alpha's Hated Mate

Vicky Perry

Update: 2022-05-24

Chapter 1 Aria

  • Extract From The Book
  • I continue running without turning back passing through many tall tress trapping my legs on the bushes as it creat path for me, the grasses slapping against my skin. I was scared I and I don't know where I was going to but I know I am far away from home. My school bag that my mom gave to me was on my back with my med inside it as I continue running panting heavily. I run like mad, from the mysterious men chasing after me my breath are sharp and frantic, my eyes are filed with tears.
  • Fear washes over me when I think of the possibility of my life being cut short. The ground blurred before me when sundelly my legs hit a stone on the floor making me to miss some steps as I fall flat on the floor and within few seconds the men are already close to me standing at my front grinning dangerously.
  • "Please don't kill me" the word came out of my mouth in fear as I stare at the hefty man standing before me.
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  • **Prologue**
  • Will human ever believe that werewolves exist? When they have never seen any before except reading it from fictional stories, it all an imagination of someone thought that was brought to life. Aria is among those that never believe that werewolves exist. But she was forced to believe all this when she saw Darian an Alpha who she thought was a normal being transforming into a wolf before her.
  • Jet Wolf Gunner is the Alpha of silver pack he lived many years looking for his mate non stop. Most of his age mate find their mate before 17or even 18 but finding his own mate was very difficult for him not until one day when he met her but she was a human and it won't be easy to claim because no human believe that werewolves exist.
  • He was able to convinced her and they both fall imlove with each other and she started living with him in his pack as the Luna.
  • The cry of a baby filed the room followed by the loud scream of the mother as she cry in pain and agony.
  • Finally she is giving birth to her child after 11 months of carrying her pregnancy.
  • "It a girl" the midwife announced and immediately they were thunderous noise and strange lighting in the sky and the hair color of the baby changed from black to glowing white giving more lighting to the thunder and her eyes shine very brightly.
  • Fear gripped the midwife as she clutch the baby tightly to her chest it is not raining season yet but the sky started dropping water from heaven just on a particular spot not all over the pack which is strange and it means bad luck.
  • "This is strange she is a cursed child" one of the midwives cry when sundelly an unknown hand choked her to death.
  • The first child of the Alpha of Silver pack was said to be a cursed child and the penalty is for her to be killed and her body thrown out of the pack.
  • But the question still remains that was she a cursed child? or there is something behind her birth. Was she really killed? find out in this interesting story.
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  • *CHAPTER 1*
  • "Kill her" he heard the command of the doctor as he stand before the woman that gave birth to him a knife on his hand the only thing that his body reacts to is their command the only thing that he thirst for is blood and he must surely obey his master command.
  • "I said kill her now" came the bold voice in a command again and without warning he took a slow step closer to the woman who was tied before him.
  • "No this is not you he is controlling your senses he is controlling your mind" the woman cried in a loud voice still kneeling before him.
  • His eyes color change from green to yellow then to red as he stand before her without pity and with a blood sucking eyes. He scream in a loud voice as he raise the knife up and he Peirce it directly into her stomach. Immediately the knife was deep inside her he pause as his red eyes stare into her face tears dropping down his face a tears of agony, pity and regret for killing her he can never forgive himself for it even if he was been controlled the fact still remain that he killed her.
  • Darian woke up with a jerk from his sleep sweating profusely this have been the nightmares that have been hunting him for years a guilty that his heart won't stop feeling a day that changed his life forever changing him into a cold hearted person.
  • Aria POV
  • I am Aria and I am 17 years old and will be clocking 18 in the next three months. I lived with my parents and we are one happy family not until one night that very sad night when my perfect beautiful life became upside down the night I lost my parents. The night that starts the journey of my life with so many complicated things and many secret behind my existence in life that night I start my journey of knowing about my past and future, a night that leads to a sweet bitterd life when I met my true mate.
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  • Grayyyyyyyy the loud sound of my alarm woke me up from my beautiful sleep. Gosh I was having a sweet dream which was disturbed by this
  • annoying alarm, with my eyes still closed I hit my hand on the alarm furiously making it to stop ringing as I cover my head back with my devout I buried myself inside the cloth and rapped my hand around my body to catch up with my sleep again hoping I can continue from where I stopped in my sweet dream.
  • I haven't slept for long when I started hearing a knock on my door "Not now" I mumbled under my breath knowing who it is. The knock came again but I didn't bother to answer as I turn to the other side turning my back away from the door pretending to be asleep. Can't I have a sweet morning sleep for once.?
  • Without warning the door to my room flung open as my mum enterered I Know she is definitely the one if my alarm didn't wake me up from my sleep my mum is always my second alarm to wake me.
  • "Young lady get your ass off that bed else you will be late for school today" my mom voice came making me to hold tight to my body below the blanket not ready to answer her still pretending to be asleep.
  • I heard her footsteps as she walks towards my window and she raised the curtain up making the ray of light to shine directly into my room as everywhere becomes bright the breeze of nature blowing inside.
  • "Aria I believe you won't want to be late to Mr Frank class this morning and remember, you have to submit the assignment he gave to you yesterday" she said making me to pull the blanket off my body in a rush jumping down from the bed immediately I am definitely not ready to receive any punishment today from Mr Frank my Math teacher and to make it worst he he gave us an assignment which my mum was able to help me solve yesterday because I hate math so much and am not even ready to learn it.
  • "Good morning mum" I muttered as I quickly rushed into the bathroom to take my bath and prepare for the new day ahead of me. My mom only smile as she watch me enterered the bathroom in a rush she knows the best way to get me being late to Mr Frank class is the last thing that any student in Springfield Academy will want to do he will not only punish you he will embarrass you also in front of the class.
  • I quickly brush my teeth and enter the shower allowing the worm water to do wonders to my smooth skin as the dream I had earlier today came rushing through my thought. I saw him and he told me we are Meant to be together forever but there was this word he use "Mate" and it sound strange to me the way he said the word makes it look strong having a lot of unknown meaning to me.
  • After spending about two minutes in the bathroom I came out with a blue towel tied around my waist then my phone started ringing I rushed towards it as I picked it on my bed.
  • "Hello Aria where are you?" Alice voice echo from the other side.
  • "Getting ready for school."
  • "What!! you are still at home, have you forgotten that are we having Mr Frank lecture this morning?" she yelled making me to roll my eyes.
  • "I know Alice and am almost done" I muttered using one hand to start massaging cream on my body using my shoulder to hold the phone in position.
  • "please try to be fast Aria, you know I am waiting for you or should I start going?" She asked but I know she won't leave me we don't go to school separately we are both stuck with each other I knew that was just a mare threat.
  • "I will be right there" I mumble under my breath.
  • "And make sure you........" Before she could complete her statement I quickly cut the call not ready to hear her complain again even if she continue nagging from now till tomorrow she will still wait for me until I am done besides, what are we best friends for.
  • After I was done rubbing cream on my body I search through my wardrobe looking for clothes to wear then my eyes caught my blue baggy treasure and I wore a black hood on it. Well I have a special love for big dress I prefer wearing a baggy clothes instead of a skimming one because I really felt comfortable inside it.
  • I quickly packed my long dark-brown hair into a ponytail before carrying my blue pack bag. Which is my favorite color I complete my dressing with a black canvas before rushing out of my room closing the door behind me.
  • I piped through the kitchen door and I saw my mum being busy inside the kitchen making breakfast "Mummy I am off to school" I yelled standing at the entrance of the door.
  • "Come back here young lady" I heard my mom yelled calling me back before I could even take two steps away.
  • What did she want now?