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Chapter 9 The Gomez Family

  • "So the guy helped you and you just vanished", My mother's voice shrieked through the speaker on the phone. The sound forced me to push my cell phone further across the bathroom counter with a scowl. "Yeah,he just stopped an attack and when l blinked he was gone", My voice became distant.
  • "Almost like he was never there in the first place", l added as l recalled everything that happened. After the horrifying incident, the man and Richard's bloody body vanished in thin air. It left me reeling on the sidewalk in the dark with a stinging, deep bite on my arm. My wounds were the only things telling me that it wasn't a dream or a nightmare but reality.
  • "And what was it you said attacked you?", Mom asked. We both knew, l hadn't specified what it was but she was pressing for more. "Uh! A rabid dog", That sounded believable enough. Mom hummed through the phone as l finished wrapping up gauze around my wrist. I leaned back on the edge of the porcelain claw foot tub.
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