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Chapter 7 You So Sweet

  • Richard's entire body was shaking terribly. Each breath he drew in was like someone inhaling the sweet scent of bakery. Reverent and hungry, his jaw dropped and I saw the points of his teeth clearly this time. A string of drool dripped from his lips unto his chin with his reflective eyes narrowed in on my arm.
  • "What?", I gasped disbelieving what I was seeing. Despite seeing all this, l frozen up in place and I couldn't run away. He took a step closer before dropping down into a crouch. My boots kicked at the ground as I attempted to scramble away from him. Alarms were going off in the back of my head that l needed to get away from him but sadly my body was resisting.
  • Unease weighed me down like a stone and no matter how much I yelled at my limbs to move, they wouldn't move. "You smell so fucking good Scarlett. That must be why I was drawn to you as a kid, your blood smells god-damned delicious", His words made me feel slimy on the side.
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