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Chapter 6 So Strange

  • "Am sorry. You will have to forgive me. I don't think that I know you", At my words he finally looked at me again. "Oh! It has been years so l understand, after all we were children the last time we saw each other", He lifted up his arm and pointed at the faded line green house across the street.
  • "I live across the street. We played together as children when you came in the summer, I'm anyway Richard", He murmured and at this words, the blonde hair and the name finally rung a bell in the back of my head. Memories quickly flashed behind my eyes of playing in the garden with a little boy in the dark.
  • He always came out to play right before it was time for me to go to bed. I recalled Aunt Matilda warning me about playing with him in the dark. "Oh! Yeah Richard, l do remember you", l smiled. So, he wasn't a complete stranger. Apparently we were friends while still young. "Great! I'm so happy that you remember, we used to have a lot of fun playing in this garden", He chuckled turning around to survey the front lawn as if seeing us there as we were years ago, playing and laughing even now.
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