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Chapter 4 Back In Willow Wood

  • The dead deer lay on the side of the old country road. It's bloated corpse was sorrounded by flies and buzzards circling over its head, waiting for their moment to land and gorge themselves on the feast awaiting them. The scent of decay wafted through the air. I got the feeling that it was more than just one creature laying before me. It's ultimately met the end from the front of the semi truck.
  • Whatever the utterly putrid smell was coming from the woods beyond. This deer wasn't the only unfortunate soul in the circle of life today. My camera clicked as I took another photo of the poor creature's tongue dangling from it's maw. With some light editing, these photos will look great on my blog.
  • Few people were interested in all things morbid and dark but I didn't care. My photos were thrilling. My college professors didn't particularly enjoy my photography style, however that never bothered me. Rising from a crouch, l carefully placed my camera back in the bag. A chilly air blew over me and lifted up the ends of my recently dyed black hair.
  • The fall weather in New England had more of a bite than it did back home in Texas causing me to shiver within my over sized Metallica hoodie. October in New England was good and I had to admit it. I haven't been in this area since I was young girl and the sight of vibrant red, burnt orange and pale yellow leaves in the trees was breath taking.
  • There was a smell of recent rain on the ground. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply to draw that sense of nature into myself. It was invigorating to smell the storm and feel the bite in the air. I kept walking down the side of the main road into town and away from the bus stop, feeling the crunch of gravel under my Doc Martin's as l went.
  • In the distance l saw the aging stone and wooden sign welcoming me to the town my family originated from ages ago.
  • Welcome to Willow Wood.
  • My feet carried me along the road where the first fallen leaves of the season were withering away. The last tiny white wild flowers of the season were still attempting to grow up through the grass. Ignoring the leaves, Willow Wood looked much like l remembered as I entered town. If was positively miniscule compared to Dallas.
  • Downtown was barely larger than an entire square block and main Street really was just unimpressive street. The only thiing that astounded about downtown Willow was the architecture and the fact that these buildings we're still standing. Although I wasn't a history buff, l could now appreciate the historic sights while imagining what life might have been like hundreds of years ago.
  • As l made my way through the town , what caught my attention was the sense of abandonment. In the Summers l spent here as a child. I would have sworn these streets were always bustling yet now l barely saw a soul walking around. The shops were clearly open but no one was out.
  • Even for a Wednesday afternoon, l thought that was odd. My great aunt's house was only another ten miles away so l adjusted my bag on my shoulder and soldiered on. Just as l rounded the corner of the main Street , l surprisingly saw two women exiting a small bakery. Ever since I walked around willow wood, these were the first people my eyes have seen.
  • Quietly l walked however just as l walking behind them,the conversation I heard instantly made my heart to skip a beat. "Did you hear about the Faraway's little girl?", A woman in her late thirties murmured. Her face pulled down, stressing her early wrnkles as she gossiped with her companion. The other woman was slightly aging with fading red hair. She was nodding passively as they walked through the empty street.
  • "I did know about Faraway's little girl, l always tell my kids not to walk out of the house as soon as the sun goes down", She responded. "It's not safe it's dangerous'. You know they say that they haven't found her body ever since that time", The other one spoke.
  • "And they won't find her, when people in this place go missing, there's nothing to find", She shook her head and they walked in the boutique.
  • A frown appeared on my face after listening to their conversation. These streets were once full of people and you never heard of a missing person but things were no longer the same. There was a reason why mom and dad decided to leave this place quickly..
  • I was also curious but then Great Aunt Matilda Gomez always kept telling me that "There must always be a Gomez in Willow Wood" . She kept saying it for a pretty good time so l decided to come since I was also a Gomez. 'Scarlett Gomez' She also stayed in here for a pretty good time but she was so old so mom and dad came and picked up The excitement instantly swelled when I stopped in front of the waist high iron gate to Aunt Matilda's home.
  • The lights were off inside as l expected it would be. I dug into my pockets for the keys but then just as l was looking for them, l felt all the hairs on the back of my head raise up. The sun was already setting up but I inwardly felt like l was being watched. I bodily shivered and whipped around. I searched the front yard and street. Surprisingly there was no single soul walking around but I still felt inwardly like l was being watched by an invisible creature.
  • My stomach knotted and I moved faster to unlock the door. I held my breath feeling clumsier than ever as I struggled to shove the key in the key and turn it. My hands trembled and I felt like I forgot to open up a door. That feeling of something terrifying watching me grew stronger on the back of my head.
  • I was sweating, totally afraid.