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Chapter 2 The Vampires

  • "Iam safe , thank Goodness", l muttered to myself as soon as I ran to the main lobby. "I need a room for a night", I breathed out when my gaze fall on the man that was behind the counter. "Sign here", He passed me a book and l wrote my details. As soon as I was done, he picked up one key and gave it to me. "Thanks", l said quickly before l walked away.
  • Using the direction board ,l made it to the room on the first floor. I was little happy about it but things weren't fine. The stairs were made of steel and we're a little unstable. As soon as I was inside the room , l removed my bag and earrings , remaining of my pointy heels and then walked in the wash room.
  • In there , l got naked and stood under the shower. My breath was still shaky and my mind was recalling everything about the strange man and the words he growled as I was running out of the club . I took a long time thinking about it until when my fingers began to prune . After some minutes I took a shuddering breath and wrapped up the towel around myself then walked back in the room. Ignoring the pain in my knees and legs , l moved forward to the table.
  • "Oh God! hell no", Disappointment fall on my face when I removed my phone from my bag. The screen of it was all shattered. It fall as I was running and now the screen was gone. The inner part of it was hanging out. I was now screwed up. I wanted to inform Lanna that l was in a nearby motel but now the phone was dead. Telling myself not to cry ,l pushed the heavy desk to the front of the door then sighed softly. At least that will protect me from the strange man.
  • I was still scared to hell. The windows were next but thank Goodness they were glass not wooden. With my towel wrapped around my body , l switched on the tv then sat down on the bed. I tried to forget everything that happened few hours ago as l watched a movie. After a while , l pulled on my tube top and the lace on it.
  • Getting under the bed , l tried to vain in sleep but l honestly failed. As the memories flowed down in my head , l inwardly asked myself what the heck was going on with my life. Something was really fishy. The drink bastard called me Miss Scarlett, telling me that he knew me. I wasn't the one , they might have mistaken me for someone else.
  • Sleep lastly claimed me but then shockingly late in the night , a banging on the door startled me.
  • "My goodness don't .... ", All the words died , just as someone restrained me on the bed and pressed a cloth on my face. I thrashed my whole body but I couldn't move any inch. I tried so hard but my shouts were muffled by the cloth. There were at least two pairs holding me down , l could never stand any chance. My thrashing slowed down , reaction to some kind of chemical I inhaled from the cloth.
  • "You so stubborn Scarlett", That was the last word l heard and I didn't fight back when my eyes closed and everything became black.
  • ****
  • When l woke up l was tied up on the chair in a pitch black room that stank of some unpleasant odour. The odour made me puke immediately but l swallowed the excessive saliva and tried to recover my spinning head. With the pressure around my eyes , l knew l was blinded. The cloth was on my eyes and l couldn't open them.
  • I could feel my hands tied together behind my back. They were a little painful because my shoulder blades were digging uncomfortably against the wall. The only thing that was available for me was my legs. They were not bound in any way other than the hand that was on my thigh.
  • Whoever who had the hand on my thigh was staring at me. I could feel it. No matter how badly l wanted to wake up from this nightmare, l couldn't. It just kept going and I had no solution. I was finally abducted. "She smells so fucking good, man", Just as I was lost in my sad thoughts l heard a man's voice. He was perhaps the one who had his hand on my thigh.
  • "She is awake, remove the blind fold from her eyes", One ordered. "Can't wait", The one who was near me chorlted. A new wave of fear flowed down my spine but l remained still as l felt him remove the blind fold from my eyes. As soon as I opened up my eyes, my jaw dropped down in disbelief.
  • Near me was the bastard who bumped into me in the club and other two muscular built up men on the door. The room l was in was round and it looked like a cell. "You finally awake Miss Scarlett", l turned my frightened stare at the drunkard. I wanted to say something but words died in my mouth when I saw a long fang over his bottom lip.
  • "Vampire.... Vampire", The word sounded in my head and felt sweat form on my forehead. "Am not Scarlett", The words abruptly came out of my mouth but in a whisper. I had a thought that it would save me. They were mistakening me for someone else. "You smell like holy hell, sweet like some fucking dessert", He ignored me and he was already sniffing me.
  • He kept sniffing around my neck. "Am losing control", One of the muscled men spoke. All their hands were like claws. My blood ran cold in my veins and my heart thundered so Ioud when I all of the sudden heard the door snap open. "Do any mistake and you will be killed in seconds", The one who entered , growled in a serious voice.
  • It wasn't the strange man though.
  • The monster at my neck pulled away to look at the new comer. "Get out all of you", The new comer bared menacing fangs at them and all rushed out together with the muscled men.
  • I was now so frightened.. I was soon going to pee in my pants. I wasn't hallucinating. These we're vampires who were calling me Scarlett.