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Chapter 10 The Missing People

  • There were so many unfamiliar faces in those photos around the house but I guess as a child running through these hallways in the summer, l never thought twice about asking and no one wanted to tell me. The curiosity immediately got the best of me and though I was so tired, l instantly got up.
  • After changing into a pair of black sweats and an oversized band t-shirt, l pulled my laptop and camera from my bag. An old desk rested in the corner of the spacious lavender shaded room, nestled in front of a window facing the side yard. I set up my laptop and camera to download the pictures I took earlier.
  • As they downloaded l attempted to search online for what happened to all the Gomez family while still in Willow Wood. I searched for a pretty good time but sadly nothing came up. "Strange", l mumbled around the thumbnail l was chewing on. Painting my nails black never stopped me from biting them like it should have. When my nerves were worse, so was the biting.
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