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The Alpha's Desires

The Alpha's Desires

Author Judith Rhina

Update: 2023-01-12

Chapter 1 The Party

  • "Hailey do you find Mr Smith handsome and desirable ? '',
  • ''Err ! No....'', As soon as I heard Lanna's words , my best friend , I immediately choked on my drink. ''Huh ! Hailey sorry for that" , Lanna mumbled laughing before putting her half full glass of whiskey on the bar counter.
  • ''Why are you asking that all of the sudden?, You know he is our boss?", With my eyes watery because of wine , l asked. ''l know but I just wanted to ask, he is hot'' , Lanna replied after taking a sip of her wine. ''Do you like him?'', l asked turning to look at my best friend.
  • ''Urgh let's Ignore that, someone is looking at you", She all of the sudden whispered. "He is hotter than Mr Smith", She spoke again while crossing her legs in a sexy position . ''Urghhhh ! I know it that l currently don't have a boyfriend , but you crazy b***h you making a fun of me , you talking like that all because of alcohol", l shook my head as l spoke.
  • ''Hailey am really serious, turn around", Lanna spoke out while laughing but then stopped all of the sudden. "What is it now?, What has happe..", My words were cut off when she instantly gripped my shoulders and turned me around. "The one with spiky dirty blonde hair", After leaning in towards me , she whispered softly in a low voice. My jaw instantly dropped down at the sight. Across us sat a devilishly handsome dirty blonde haired man with a nice chiseled jawline , pink lips and... and..
  • "Lanna let me go get another bottle of wine", l instantly pulled my gaze away from him and turned to Lanna. "What has happened?, he is hot and he has been staring at you since he entered", Lanna grabbed my hand as l stood up from the chair. "I have no interest in him", l quickly removed my hand from her grip.
  • He was strange. Something about him was strange and it stopped me from checking him out
  • After getting away from Lanna, l slowly made my way to the counter. The bar wasn't that full of people but as l walked l felt like someone was staring at me.
  • He was checking me out, l could feel it in my heart.
  • Inhaling deeply , l ordered four porn star Martins and four strawberry daiquiri then waited silently. "Oh God what the actual heck... ", Just as l was making my way back to the Lanna , a hand all of the sudden gripped my waist and turned me around. I spinned around so fast that I nearly lost my balance but luckily I steadied myself.
  • "Sorry sweetheart, I have mistaken you for someone else, l love her so much but l do more when she is on her knees", Before l could respond to him , he winked at me and walked away. "Eww" , l stood shocked. This only had to be a nightmare. Earthly men were now shameless. "What the hell just happened , why did the man grab you like that?", As soon as I made my way to Lanna , she asked and l only shook my head in disbelief.
  • "I totally have no idea , he is so full of himself , honestly shameless , anyway what's up dear something seems wrong with you?", I changed the subject. "I want to have a one night stand, am so sex starved", She spoke after gulping down the glass of wine. "Go dance on the floor and get yourself a man", l suggested shrugging my shoulders.
  • "What about you?, Ain't you coming?", She asked. "No l want to drink first", l retorted before looking at the foam that was forming on top of my drink. With Lanna gone, l drank my wine silently for a couple of hours without any disturbance. However I soon heard someone pulling a chair next to me.
  • "We meet again, my lovely princess", l turned my angry glare as soon as I heard that. It was no one else but the bastard who bumped into me as l was picking up my wine. "Am not the one you looking for", l retorted harshly. "You the one.... You the one... You the one",He song sang drunkenly before he gripped my hand.
  • "Leave me alone", l angrily tried to remove my hand from his grip but then as l was trying, l scanned the bar and my eyes fall on the man who was nursing his drink. The same strange man was looking darkly at me then his jaw clenched with anger. This was really strange and it scared the hell out of me .
  • "Ain't you Miss Scarlett?", The question that fall out of the drunken bastard made fear to flow down my spine.
  • He was now sober.
  • "Am not the one, leave me alone", l used all my strength and ran away from him. I ran while making my way to the door. I really needed to leave as quick as possible.
  • "Get her right now, am tired of playing these sick games", That was the angry growl l heard before I rushed out of the club. With those last words in my mind , l ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I looked behind , I didn't see anyone but still I didn't stop. The only saddening thing was that l didn't know why I was running, l wasn't a criminal, no one was running after me but still l didn't stop.
  • My breath came out in pants as l ran towards the road. There was only one thought that was continuously repeating in my head like a mantra as l ran. "The strange man is going to abduct me"
  • "The strange man is going to abduct me", It played in my mind again and again as l waited for a taxi.
  • "No my goodness...", A scream fall out of my mouth when I immediately felt something like a shadow pass quickly via me. "No taxi but a motel.. yes a motel", Though trembling, l quickly began to run again.