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Chapter 9 Emotionless

  • We all, at some point or maybe even out of habit itself, have decided to plan out what our next day would turn out to be like. However, it was the minor things that we failed to include in our plans that usually ended up having the most significant impact as a flaw in our schedule.
  • For Alonso, he had been unable to form a weather change in his plan. Heavy rain was pouring, and now all his plans had been thwarted for the morning. Flashes of lightning were instantly accompanied by thunder crashes and a low rumbling sound that lingered for a moment before stopping.
  • Alonso got out of bed and walked to his window. It was still dark outside like the night had not ended its tenure. He had one hell of a night sleeping beside Eureka. He did not bother waking her up because it had not been all too long ago; she fell asleep after sobbing for most of the night, listening to sad songs beside him.
  • He had to pretend to be sleeping, but deep down, he was worried. Carefully, he moved out of the room unnoticed. He made his way down the short, spirally curved staircase to the living room area.
  • "Good morning Don Alonso," declared Lady Tanya, shaking up a wet umbrella at the entrance to the sitting room.
  • "Hello," Alonso responded. "Lady Tanya, if you wish, you can move in here to the main house. You don't have to stay at the auxiliary building if you don't want to."
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