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Chapter 63 The Outlawing Agenda

  • "What the fuck?" Alyona muttered, laying stress on each of the words.
  • She could not believe her eyes as she read through the most shocking lines in the book she had uncovered. She had found the diary inside of an envelope in Mariyanna's drawer. Regret washed over her like she had been caught in an unexpected cloud burst.
  • "Oh my god, what have I done? Mari, what have you made me do? Mariyanna, how could you? You deceived me into thinking that Alonzo had sex with you! That's an insane move bitch!" Alyona ruffled her hair like she was about to go crazy as she reread every word in Mariyanna's diary. She swore to kill Mariyanna when returning from whatever demon hole she visited these days.
  • Still unable to believe what she had read versus what she had seen on her email on the night that Mariyanna had called to ask her to check her mail, she returned to her email.
  • Alyona scrolled through the pictures, one at a time, in no rush, examining the man who sat with her sister. There was no doubt that she saw Mariyanna and Alonzo frozen in an image while having dinner together. She quickly hurried past the other photos and found the video she had been searching for all along. She needed to check out the authenticity of the video.
  • The person in the video had no doubt looked like Alonzo in stature, and he had on the same clothes Alonzo had been putting on. However, his face had been carefully hidden from the camera deliberately by whoever was filming.
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