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Chapter 62 The Newest Member

  • The dull-looking weather slowly gave way to a bright and sunny-looking day. Birds began chirping happily from on high, and Alonzo's lips curled beautifully as he listened to their peaceful sound.
  • He watched as Piccolo encircled his arms around his stepdad in an embrace. The image of the two men hugging themselves almost bore a striking similarity to two sumo fighters locked in each other's arms.
  • Piccolo and his stepdad said goodbye, urging one another to be strong. Piccolo swore to check in on his stepdad continually.
  • Just because his mother was no more did not mean he would forget the man who had helped raise him as a boy. He joined Alonzo in the back seat of the black Sport Utility Vehicle, which in the next few minutes would land itself in an airport in Greece.
  • Alonzo had not seen his grandfather eye to eye since he received the news of all the horrific things Alyona had done. He still could not believe that she had plotted to kill him. Anyways, he knew he would eventually have to speak with his grandfather.
  • As for Bianco, the grim reaper had gone back to Italy a day earlier in search of the man named Draper Cooper to collect his soul. However, he had not gone as a lone wolf. Leonardo, the newest inducted member of their family, had gone with him.
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