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Chapter 61 Pregnant For Revenge

  • That night when La Corporation De Sina was set ablaze, Alonzo had been in haste to get to the burning building because he wanted to get to a safe in his office.
  • The safe contained within it acquired deeds that had not yet been filed with the state record office, shreds of evidence that he had been piling up against some of his rivals, business papers, reports, and wills of those in the mafia family in case of their sudden death just as it was in the case of Vincenzo.
  • To save these irreplaceable documents, Alonzo had risked going into the fire, and he had come out with a few burns which had begun to heal after a while. That night, he had looked back at his blood, sweat, and tears going down in flames, and he couldn't help but wonder who would do such a thing to him.
  • Now, as Piccolo stood before his master in the living room of his stepfather's house and told him about the necropsy report and its finding, Alonzo could only think of one person responsible for ordering the arson done to his company, and that was Alyona. The muscles of his palm contracted on the glass he was holding, breaking it as his palm bled for a little while.
  • "Call Mariyanna," Alonzo said. "Tell her I didn't survive the bullets. I want to go after Alyona with her guards fully down."
  • "There's no need to be discreet about it anymore," Piccolo said. "Alyona's actions are a declaration of war! I say we go to war once and for all with the Makarovs. Let's end things in one fell swoop rather than this nonsense of an eye for an eye with the enemy. Let's crush them completely, so we don't have to worry about them returning for vengeance."
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