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Chapter 60 The Act Of Vengeance

  • Dear old fashioned city of Greece. The city of ancient ruins and home to the Olympian gods worshipers. The town, whose mythology had spanned for many centuries, the city which till date had not lost the taste in giving those who hear about its myths and legends a thrill for an adventure. Alonzo, Mazza, and Bianco had just arrived in the city, and it was almost dark.
  • Piccolo welcomed his bosses and Bianco with open arms as it was indeed an honor to have them leave their homes, friends, and businesses to pay their respect to his late mother.
  • "I don't know about you, but I think Iolaus would have made a great Mafiosi in his days," Mazza said during the drive to Piccolo's home. Iolaus was Hercules's best friend with whom he went on many adventures helping people and slaying mythical monsters
  • "Oh yeah? And what position would he have held?" Piccolo asked.
  • "Hmm, he would've fit in very well as a capo, much like Bianco!" Mazza said.
  • "Yeah, right, and Hercules would have been what? A Don? Much like me, right?" Alonzo asked, tearing his gaze from looking out the window. Everyone roared in laughter at the comparison, even Piccolo.
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