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Chapter 58 A huge loss

  • Chapter 57: A huge loss.
  • The day could have turned out gorgeously, with spectators cheering or booing at their favorite or hated jockeys and horses. 
  • Instead, the mafia came and destroyed such a picture. Alonzo's men asked the spectators to turn back at the entry point. The mafia unofficially canceled the horse racing.
  • As if that wasn't adequate, the death of Mazza's horse led to the demise of several other horses as Bianco went about shooting horses from one stall to another. 
  • It was a gruesome thing to watch. Nonetheless, their actions served a greater purpose, which was to inspire fear in the people's hearts so that in the future, nobody would make the mistake of killing a mafia jockey's horse.
  • Piccolo and another man carried Mazza's dead horse onto the bed of a pickup truck. Piccolo knocked on the vehicle's body, indicating that it was time for the driver to start riding. The horse was sent to a veterinary pathologist to carry out a necropsy.
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